July 1 2015 News Headlines

by Giz TimesJuly 1, 2015

July 1 2015 News Headlines – India
• Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches Digital India Program today in Delhi aiming for a more transparent governance
• Mukesh Ambani says his company, Reliance India, will invest Rs. 2.5 lakh crores in the digital space, for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s program Digital India right after its launch
• Aligarh Muslim University to set up English medium schools in Uttar Pradesh by 2017
• Landslide in west Bengal due to heavy rains in Darjeeling kills 50
• Petrol prices drop by 31 Paise; diesel by 71
• New emails revealed create new conflicts in the ‘Lalit gate’ case for Sushma Swaraj
• Amaranth Yatra under threat from Pak terror groups, as members have been sent to Jammu and Kashmir to plan ‘fidayeen’
• In its new report on the Maggi, UK food regulator says Maggi from India is safe, just when Bombay high court allows nestle to export the instant noodles to countries including UK and Canada.
• Food and safety cell of the Kota district, blames the institute for serving unhealthy and unhygienic food to over 1.5 lakh students studying across its various centres in the district

India beats Malaysia 3-2 in HWL 2015.

July 1 2015 news headlines – world
• Yemen faces the most severe crisis with 1200 prisoners on the run including Al- Qaeda suspects
• Military confirms no survivors in Indonesian transport plane crash
• Greek Prime Minister Tsipras tries to make modifications to the bailout deal, signaling acceptance
• US and Cuba sought to re establish diplomatic ties severed in 1961 and reopen embassies in each other’s capitals on 20th July.
• Argentina continues its winning streak thrashing Paraguay by 6-1 and moving towards the final against host Chile for the Copa America title, a first since 1993
• Ebola strikes again in the Liberaian village after 7 weeks as two more cases are confirmed and a teenager succumbs to death.
• The American new horizons spacecraft takes its final step in its journey past Pluto and its moons
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