Jillian Barberie Talks About Past and Future With Howard Stern

by Mrinal VermaJuly 31, 2015

Jillian Barberie is no doubt extremely popular for her gig as a weather forecaster on SiriusXM, but she recently donned the cap of the other side and became a guest on the show for an episode. Howard Stern, the host of the show, has been seen many times publicly sharing his appreciations for the diva, and he was also the one to interview her on her future projects, which are, no doubt, under critical eye.

The main points of the interview were to discuss the involvement of Jillian Barberie in the new show Caitlyn Jenner, about the behind-the-scene of the show, and what fans can expect. The show has already gained a lot of fans even though it is yet to release. It already can be seen as a factor which will inspire people to be true to their self and believe in themselves, and especially to the whole transgender society who deserve recognition and respect. Also Check: Caitlyn Jenner in American Horror Story 

Jillian Barberie  also talked about her starting days, when she had to struggle a lot to be herself and not let anyone else dictate and her decisions. She recalled the events of how her dressing style did not fit well with her management and they did various attempts to control her clothes. She was eventually dropped from the company and was signed to another one.

Jillian Barberie

Jillian Barberie

Her problems did not end there. Her divorce with Grant Reyonlds left her more vulnerable than ever, and she really had to worry about her present and future. She ended up selling her jewelry to make sure she wouldn’t have to face money problems. Even though her future seemed dull and hazy to her then, she is happy with where she is right now. Not being sure whether she wanted to work again, she is now successfully handing three projects and is content with herself.

Talking another turn, she talked about Jenner and the start of their friendship before her surgery. She used to be close with the entire family but she states that their relationship is no longer friendly. They are mere acquaintances to each other in the present, but she genuinely liked them as people and had a great time in their company, however long it lasted.

Jillian Barberie has faced some tough times in her life, but she is currently happy with her position and the jobs she has.

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