iPhone 7S Specs, Release Date, Price, Leaks And Everything you need to know

by Giz TimesApril 6, 2016

Apple is rocking the stage with their iPhone 7 and more leaks pour in for the iPhone 7S. iPhone 7 like the iPhone is redefining the term “mobile”. iPhone 7 is basically reiterating the iPhone 6S, a better A10 chip, the same 12 Megapixel camera with a bigger sensor and bigger aperture coupled with 2GB of RAM. The new talk in town is the iPhone 7S, a lot of leaks are pointing to a thin, powerful device with new features that is going to make way for Apple.

Apple iPhone 7S : Body and Display


This time around Apple will change the body of the iPhone 7S to something more robust which make the device a bit heavier, but could withstand a fall or a tumble. It’s also being rumoured that the iPhone 7S will be waterproof. The leaks are pointing to a device will sealed gaskets like the ones we saw on the iPhone 7.

The display will be a big jump for Apple, sticking to 4 inch will not be the norm anymore, scaling the display to 5.1 inches with 1920x1080P resolution. iPhone 7S’s retina display will do a fine job in making those colors pop, with better viewing angles. The surprise here will come as a shocker, with strong news that Apple is testing AMOLED display, which we can also expect as a possibility since the AMOLED panels are making a good impression in the display department.

Apple iPhone 7S : Performance and Camera

iPhone 7S will keep the A10 chip from iPhone 7 coupled with 2GB RAM. This might not seem like an improvement, but coupled with the latest iOS, iPhone 7S will eat through tasks easily. The camera also will be an iteration of the current with the same f/2.0 aperture leans scaled to 1/2.4”. Be it anytime of the day, iPhone 7S is guaranteed to give you that perfect shot.

Apple iPhone 7S : Battery, Price and Release Date

The iPhone 7S will keep the same 2670mAh battery in the iPhone 7, but with OS improvements, it’s guaranteed to last a full day of the usage. The iPhone 7S along with the iPhone 7S Plus is tipped off to September, 2017. That’s a long wait, but since more and more manufacturers are coming up with making launch dates early, maybe Apple will show off the iPhone 7S in March 2017.

Apple will come up with a new strategy to keep up with competition, that means having a killer price tag. The iPhone 7S will be launched with a price tag of $900. For a powerful device, the iPhone 7S is well priced and could give other manufacturers a run for their money.

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