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iPhone 6S Leaks – What Can We Infer From These Picture?

by Giz TimesJuly 1, 2015

The New Year 2015 came with the rumours and leaks of a new iPhone. Apple has left all the customers in much anticipation regarding this new phone which is expected to get launched this September. The iPhone 6S leaks or the iPhone 7 leaks are hitting the net, every now and then, leaving the Apple Fans crave for it all the more. It is not official whether Apple will keep the same naming scheme as in the past, but if we go by history of Apple products, the device is expected to be named the new Apple iPhone 6S. It is expected to be coming with an upgraded hardware and an obvious probability of it having an even thinner design.

The iPhone 6S will make its debut this fall, with a Force Touch, pressure-sensitive display as one of its marquee features. A proven source synced with Apple’s supply chain recently leaked the most extensive look at the new Apple device. The iPhone 6S leaks show that the iPhone 6S’s external metal casing and other features that refute the much speculated changes in the phone. Let us walk you through the basic features that are noteworthy in this new iPhone 6S leaks!

  1. Similarity in design to the current iPhone 6

The next generation iPhone, a.k.a the “iPhone 6S”, will likely maintain the same rear design as iPhone 6. The Space gray color remains the same light in tone and hue, but the final hardware might include some additional tweaks. The iPhone 6S leaks claim the rear shell is identical to the iPhone 6 on the outside, including the same thickness and width, with only minor internal differences.

iPhone 6S Leaks - Similarity in design to the current iPhone 6

iPhone 6S Leaks – Similarity in design to the current iPhone 6

  1. The Internal Mounting Structure

The inside of the phone has evident changes, particularly in the mounting points for the phone’s new logic board and components. The mounting points line up with iPhone 6S leaks that we have received regarding the logic board, confirming the shell’s authenticity for a new device.

iPhone 6S Leaks - Different mounting structure

iPhone 6S Leaks – Different mounting structure

  1. No dual lens system in the camcorder:

The rear shell’s identical holes for the camera have dashed out the rumour of the iPhone 6S having dual lens camera system with the iPhone 6S leaks.

iPhone 6S Leaks- No dual Lens

iPhone 6S Leaks- No dual Lens

  1. The connectors, speakers and microphones

Good news for case and accessory makers! They don’t have to worry about redesigning their iPhone 6 products for the iPhone 6S. The bottom design remains the same, with the same number of speaker holes and the position of the headphones, microphone and lightining holes also remain the same.

iPhone 6S Leaks - headphone, microphone

iPhone 6S Leaks – headphone, microphoneAntennae lines remain the same:

5.The casing doesn’t show any signs of lines disappearing. Apple, which had recently applied for a patent on a technique to hide the antennae lines on the back of its iPhone with an “anodized metal appearances”, show no signs until somethings are changed. However, there may be some good news regarding NFC antenna.

Image Source: 9to5Mac

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