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Huawei Honor 4A Price, Features And Release Date

by Giz TimesJuly 17, 2015

With revenue of CN¥288.197 billion in 2014, Huawei has been appearing in the current columns lately for its alliance with Google concerning the new Nexus Handset, opening new paths to make it to the road to success.

The company, despite its big alliance, however, has continued launching its new Smartphones in the market. Recently on 30th June, 2015, Huawei launched its metal clad Huawei Honor 7 Smartphone in China and now Chinese company announced another Smartphone – Huawei Honor 4A that will launch on 21st July, 2015. The Honor 4A will be unveiled on July 21st during the Huawei Summer Whirlwind festival in Beijing Galaxy Soho in China.

The Whirlwind festival will end on 23rd July and will offer a number of discounts from the Huawei on their existing products. Also Read – Apple iPhone 6s

Huawei Honor 4

Huawei Honor 4

A popular Chinese pair cum artists, Song Dong Ye & Peng Dan, will attend the launch festival. The Honor 4A device will be a music centric device for music loving people with latest features in its nutshell. Features and Specifications of Honor 4A includes a 5 inch screen display, 1GB of RAM, 720 pixel resolution, and 8GB of internal storage.

The phone also incorporates 8 Mega pixel rear camera, front camera is still unknown and is expected to have a price tag of 599 Yuan ( 96.43 US Dollar or 6,000 Indian Rupees ) only. Also Check – iPhone 7

Huawei Honor 4A is expected to go on sale in first week of August 2015. Though, the availability of the phone outside China is not yet known, we are expecting the new phone to hit the Indian markets and websites like Flipkart & Amazon, for the handset is promising in its features and appeal. The news about launch of Honor 4A surprised the customers with a good news. Let us wait till Tuesday, to find out what Huawei 4A device have for all of us !

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