Hema Malini Car Accident: All Injured, One Killed

by Sanya VermaJuly 4, 2015


It was during her way from Agra to Jaipur when the actress-turned-politician, HEMA MALINI , met with a car accident . Reportedly, her Mercedes smashed with an Alto coming from the opposite side near Dasua, in Rajasthan. Earlier some reports claimed that the actress herself was driving the car, but later, it was made clear that Mahesh Thakur, the driver, was the one on the steering. The collision was fatal,it severely injured four people in the Alto car,and unfortunately proved deadly for a little girl. The driver Mahesh also got severe leg injuries in the mishap.

Rajesh Tyagi , Deputy superintendent of police, Dausa , stated that “the airbags of accident met vehicle were opened properly on the driver and his next seat on the left while the airbag of the backseats including the left side where Hema Malini was sitting did not open. There was also blood on the left side where she was sitting thereby clarifying that she was not driving the vehicle.”

Unfortunately, Hema Malini caught herself with some head injuries during the mishap. The initial claims suggested that her injuries were superficial, but the fresh X-ray reports have disclosed a broken nose.A few pictures of the accident have been out in open. The BJP MP is seen conscious, but her face is covered with blood and a few cuts. She has been shifted from the emergency ward to a normal room. Reports of her condition seem positive and the details would be given by the doctors at the Fortis Hospital at a press conference .

In a PTI report, Rajasthan Minister, Rajpal Singh Shekhawat, after having met the actress, quoted “She suffered a cut near an eyebrow, some problem in nasal bone, an injury on forehead and body ache.” Along with him, man senior BJP leaders are looking into the matter to ensure speedy treatment to Hema Malini and also the 4 members of a family injured in the accident.

The car accident took away the life of a 4 year old daughter of the injured family. While the two of the four injured were admitted to SMS hospital in Jaipur and the other two at a hospital in Dausa, the girl child could not survive the accident. Harsh Khandelwal, the father of the child, and the one driving the Alto, says he wants no compensation. Speaking with great difficulty at the Jaipur hospital where he too was treated for injuries to the legs and collar bone and for fractures, Mr Khandelwal said he only expects the family to get good treatment for the injuries, he said. The unfortunate news has not been released to the mother of the child, who is also going through treatment.

The girl Chinni was peacefully sleeping in her mother’s lap before the incident.The family alleged that they were not treated like the way the actress was, she was immediately rushed to a hospital in Jaipur but they were sent to Dausa’s district hospital.They regret, that if their daughter was also immediately taken with Hema Malini, she could have survived.

This is a disastrous case of rash driving. In India numerous cases like this are reported everyday which result in illfortunate deaths. Though the world is concerned about the well being of the veteran actress, the pain of the other family is nonpareil. A young child lost her life in a miserable accident, no matter who was at fault it is not just to ignore the loss caused by the incident.

People are criticizing the actress and the driver who left the scene soon,without helping the injured. The truth of the situation will come out in the police report,but our prayers are with the families.

The arrested driver identified as Mahesh Thakur(35) is a native of Vrindavan. He was booked under section 304-A of IPC which is a bailable offense. However, the driver will have to wait for the bail since he has no local connections for the bail.

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