Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle | Teacher Adds Magic To Her Classroom

by Mrinal VermaSeptember 1, 2015

The magical world of Harry Potter refuses to die down, and we are extremely happy about it. Our generation grew up with these books, and we will make sure it remains a legend that will still be loved for many years to come. Good news is that a teacher from Sydney is already doing a part in it, and we wish we were her students.

A female teacher named Christine Coleman from Australia has brought a little magic in her class. She works at Holsworthy Public School teaching third and fourth grade. When her class was assigned to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, she decided to bring a twist in the classroom and make it even more fun. We really didn’t think school could get better than having Harry Potter books in the syllabus, but clearly she has proved us wrong.

She has turned her classroom into the Hogwarts castle as the students read about Harry’s story. She made sure that every student received a personalized letters from Hogwarts, reciting their admission. They got a ticket to Platform 9 ¾ so they could travel in the Hogwarts Express, and every student had his/her own wand.

She even had a sorting ceremony in her class. As they proceeded in the story, she made sure to add new features in the class to create more enthusiasm and interest. The class together hung a broomstick from the ceiling along with a handmade snitch when Harry received the position of the Seeker in the Gryffindor quidditch team.

The teacher later revealed that she heard about a teacher in the States carrying out this idea to make her class better, so Coleman followed in the footsteps. The class hung candles from the ceiling to denote the Great Hall. She turned the normal pencils and turned them into quills by adding a feather at the end. She even made an attempt to add the beloved Hedwig into the story, and pasted a picture of Norbet. She made a Mirror of Erised, and created a small library in the corner of the class as the Restricted Section.

“We lived every chapter of the book and added things to our room as they unfolded in the book,” said Coleman. “Every day was different and exciting, the kids couldn’t wait to see what would happen, change or be added to the classroom with every new chapter we read.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

To be honest, I had as much fun as they did. I love what I do and I am very privileged to work at a wonderful school with a group of amazing teachers and a fantastic and supportive boss. These extraordinary people have always encouraged me when I get carried away with my teaching projects. Next term we are taking on Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, studying Ancient Greece, its mythology, culture and history.”

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