Harper Lee all set to question Society Again With ‘Go Set A Watchman’ – A Sequel To ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

by Garima JaitlyJuly 18, 2015

“This time we aren’t fighting Yankees, we’re fighting our friends .But remember this, no matter how bitter things get, they’re still our friends and this is still home.” Atticus Finch the beloved hero from Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Winner novel ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ is back and how! Harper Lee is all set to question the Society once Again With ‘Go Set A Watchman’ – A Sequel To ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

After the huge success of its previous novel the new offering by Harper Lee is now up to test by its loyal fans after the morning of July 14. “Go Set a Watchman” comes as a sequel to its only previously published book ‘Mocking Bird’ and revives the hypocritical known waves of this society. But fans and critics didn’t expect what was awaiting them. Our beloved character Mr. Finch does not still hold the same ideals in this account when Miss Scout returns to her 72 year old father. Somehow Atticus isn’t the same righteous man who fought for a wrongly accused coloured boy in the previous story. But then in this ever changing society what Lee writes of Atticus’s variation is both realistic and a revolting truth. Also Read : Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

He takes up an intriguing case yet again but this time his fervour is perhaps limited to winning and not the greater good. He seems to have fallen in the trap of the very men he wanted to defeat years back and more so knowingly.

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

Our beloved Scout has grown but her questions seem to be growing with her. All through the narrative you would sit on edge questioning your morals and your belief system, but in this day and age this book’s philosophy however portrayed is much required. Her constant queries leads both the reader and herself towards a better understanding of our society and the much identified thought of discrimination.

In its wake to scorning the truth of racial disparity in our society this book also grips the fight of a young woman trying to make her own in a male dominated society. Despite laws, revolts and rallies it is still a long way to go for we still live in a world where the words “black “ and “white” are not just colours but represent a society altogether.

It is odd that years have passed and we have still not been able to get over the fact that we may have been given skin tones with a beautiful variety but our souls are all the same colour.

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