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Google’s Chromecast Launched In India, Available At 2,999 INR

by Giz TimesDecember 10, 2014

Google’s Chromecast Launched In India, Available At 2,999 INR

Google finally launched the streaming stick Chromecast in India at a price of 2,999 INR. The company is now focusing on growing market and customers in India. The Google Chromecast looks like a USB flash drive helps to stream videos from laptops via internet to televisions. This device is already available in about more than 11 countries including US, Denmark and others.

The device was launched in July 2013. The Google Chromecast is available at e-commerce sites in India from 10th December 2014 which is also coinciding with Google’s GOSF shopping festival from 10th to 12th Dec 2014. The device is available at a price tag of $35 in US.

The device can be easily plugged into LED/LCD televisions to allow users stream the videos from tablets, phones and laptops. For India, Google has partnered with Bharthi Airtel mobile carrier service to allow smooth streaming of videos.

This launch is hinting towards the latest efforts by Google to expand and gain attraction to India where technology is growing at a great pace. Android One program was another great example of this initiative. You can buy Google Chromecast from Google’s Play Store, Airtel or from Snapdeal.

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