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Google Street View gives you a chance to investigate the world’s seabeds

by Giz TimesJune 5, 2015

Google Street View has a submerged rendition that gives you a chance to investigate the world’s seabeds

Presently you can swim with humpback whales, investigate coral reefs in the Pacific, or stroll on a shoreline in Bali—all from the solace of your work area seat.

To urge us people to take in more about the sea, Google has discharged a tranche of new submerged pictures for its Google Street View application. Check out the video:

The shots originate from associations with the Catlin Seaview Survey, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Chagos Conservation Trust, and have prompted some really astounding minutes. The fact of the matter is that by better archiving our seas and our influence on them, we will be roused to take in more about them, and better ensure them, Google says in its declaration.

Google Street View Humpback Whales Cook Islands

Google Street View
Humpback Whales Cook Islands

A week ago at Google’s I/O designers meeting, the organization presented an upgraded rendition of its Cardboard virtual reality framework. Google additionally as of late declared that Google Street View is accessible for Cardboard in specific areas. So it’s not much of a stretch to think that at some point soon, utilizing only a cell phone and a bit of cardboard, we could be investigating the profundities of the world’s seas in immersive 3D.

Google was not instantly accessible to remark on whether this was a piece of their, guide or roadmap.

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