Google Dedicates its Doodle To Mark 229th Anniversary of First Ascent of Mont Blanc

by Gaurav SunejaAugust 9, 2015

8th August 2015, being the 229th Anniversary of Mont Blanc. It was on this date in the year 1786, two French, Michael Gabriel Paccard and Jaques Balmat, made history by becoming the first people to ascend the summit of Mount Blanc, which is the highest mountain peak in the Alps and the highest peak in Europe. In order to honor their achievement Google Doodle celebrated their accomplishments.

Mont Blanc is the 11th highest peak in the world in topographic prominence, having a height of 4,807m above sea level. Apart these two men, the first women to reach the summit was Marie Paradise in 1808.

Mont Blanc, which means “White Mountain” and hence the doodle also depicts the icy peak of Mont Blanc with two little black men climbing the mountain peak.

On watching the doodle one can feel the beauty of nature and have a calm feeling on seeing the ice covered mountain. The Google’s doodle is perfect to memorialize this historic event.

In 1881 T. Louis Oxley recorded the thoughts of Balmat in his book “The First Ascent of Mont Blanc: A True Story”. The administration of the mountain is shared between the Italian town of Coumayer and the French town of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains. In order to commemorate the first ascent, a bronze statue has been erected in the main square of Chamonix town.

It was only because of these two men who gave the birth to mountaineering and kindled a spirit of adventure that every climber chases today. The history of the beginning of this journey is also very interesting.

Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, being a scientist was fascinated with the geology and botany of the Alps, and hence was obsessed to climb up the mountain but was not able to do it. So, he started a competition and offered the prize for the person who could scale the mountain.

Google Dedicates its Doodle To Mark 229th Anniversary of First Ascent of Mont Blanc

Google Dedicates its Doodle To Mark 229th Anniversary of First Ascent of Mont Blanc

Jacques Balmat aged 26 accepted the challenge. He was not only climbing for the award, but it had also become an obsession for him. Balmat knew Michael Paccard from hiking and convinced him to set off for the journey.  On reaching his aim the Mont Blanc on August8, 1786. After reaching the top Balmat said “ I had reached the goal where no one had as yet been”. Also Read: NASA is keeping Alien Secrets away from us? 

After coming back, Balmat subsequently helped Sassure climb the mountain himself for further study. On one hand this day is remembered for this good event and success story. But in India, Mont Blanc is known for the crash of two Air India flights in this region. In 1950 and 1966 48 and 117 people were killed respectively. The Indian nuclear scientist Homi J. Bhabha was killed in the crash of 1966.

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