Google Announces New Flagship Tablet – Chromebook Pixel C

by Deepit MageeOctober 5, 2015

Most people would not count Google as a hardware manufacturer, and Google indeed hasn’t done much in that field. Even their first party devices – the Nexus line for mobile phones and tablets, and the Chromebook line for laptops, have been designed with OEM hardware partners, with the OEM handling the manufacturing side of the business. All of this, however, changed with the Chromebook Pixel.

A premium laptop running ChromeOS, the Chromebook Pixel was designed and manufactured completely in-house by Google, and it showed in the amazing build quality of the device.

Google has released many Android tablets under the Nexus moniker, but they’re dropping the label for their new one – the Chromebook Pixel C. The difference being that the Pixel C is a Google product from start to finish – no other hands touching it at any point. Announced along with the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, the Pixel C boasts an extremely impressive spec list. Also Read – Nexus 5X Review

One of the most impressive Android Tablets till date, the Pixel C features Nvidia’s new flagship Tegra X1 CPU, with a Maxwell GPU. Nvidia has claimed – and demonstrated – that this chipset can successfully run Crysis, one of the most graphically demanding PC games ever made. It features a 10.2-inch display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, coming in at a density of 308ppi, which is amazing for a tablet. The tablet also comes with 3GB of RAM.

Going with its strategy of providing USB-C ports in all its devices, the Chromebook Pixel C also comes with a USB-C port for all charging and connectivity. There is no word on the battery capacity yet, but expect it to be fairly large.

Chromebook Pixel C

Chromebook Pixel C

The Chromebook Pixel C is geared towards productivity while on the move, and launches with a keyboard to help further this goal. It magnetically attaches to the tablet wirelessly, and automatically charges without any effort or consideration required, so you don’t have to worry about the battery levels of yet another device.

All this cutting-edge technology comes at a premium, as the Chromebook Pixel C is launching at $499/Rs.33,000 for the 32GB version, and $599/Rs.40,000 for the 64GB one. The keyboard is not complimentary with the purchase, and has to be bought separately at $149/Rs.10,000.

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