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Galaxy Tab S2 Launch, Release Date, Features And News

by Giz TimesMay 20, 2015

Galaxy Tab S2 Latest News

Apple iPad, if has felt competition ever before it was with the galaxy tab S and from Giztimes view defeated apple and the key of success of Galaxy Tab S2 was its display and same was the factor that made Apple iPad Air 2 go down in defeat.

Galaxy Tab S2 Display

Now Galaxy tab S was the factor that made Apple test its water as far as its iPad was concerned. Samsung unfortunately can’t improve the display much because galaxy tab S already had the best display still sources to Giztimes tell us that some improvement is expected in the pixel density which is likely to go up from 288ppi in galaxy tab S to 300ppi in galaxy tab s2.  Rest everything is expected to be the same, the galaxy tab s2 will come with 8.4 inches and 10.5 inches super Amoled display of the resolution of 2500 x 1600 pixels.

Galaxy Tab S2 Body

The tablet will be again launched in 4 variants which will be the galaxy tab s2 10.5, galaxy tab s2 8.4, galaxy tab s2 10.5 LTE and galaxy tab s2 8.4 LTE ( the LTE being the calling tabs). The body is likely to remain the same with the fingerprint sensor. A slight change may be recorded in the colors of the tablet.

Galaxy Tab S2 platform

Sources to giztimes tell us that the tablet is going to see some significant changes as far as the platform is concerned. The tablet will be launched on android 5.0.2 lollipop and is likely to offer upgrade to Android M which is  to launch later this month. The RAM of the tab also will record an increment from 3GB in the galaxy tab s to 4GB in galaxy tab s2. The Quad-core CPU is likely to be upgraded to Hecta-core.

Galaxy Tab S2 Memory

All the four variants of the galaxy tab S2 will be launched in two memory variants that is 16GB and 32Gb which could be expanded through micro sd card up-to 128GB.

Galaxy Tab S2 Camera

The camera of the galaxy tab s2 will see more or less no development  the primary camera is to remain same as in galaxy tab s which was 8MP . The secondary camera will be improved from 2.1 MP to 3MP.

Samsung Galaxy TabS2 Release date

The tab will be launched exactly 1 year after the launch of its first installment that is in July 2015.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Price

The price of the four variants is according to our sources will be as follows

Galaxy tab s2 10.5  – 44000 INR

Galaxytabs2 8.4  – 41000 INR

Galaxytab s2 10.5 LTE –  32000 INR

Galaxy tabS2 8.4 LTE – 30000 INR.

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