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Galaxy S7 : A look back, Galaxy S8 Coming Soon !

Before discussing on Galaxy S8, we will look back at Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge, which was a success for Samsung offering the performance and premium for a smartphone. The dual glass construction although smudge attracting back panel was moulded with a metal construction to top off the premium build while hiding away the power package and IP rating for water and dust resistance of the device. Samsung Galaxy S7 comes in two packages, one with Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890, both par in performance, coupled with 4GB of RAM. Samsung is the only company listening to customer reviews, that’s true, a lot of people complained and they delivered, a device which is water resistant, has expandable storage and is premium. Galaxy S7 has 200GB of expandable storage with 32/64GB as base options. All this in an eye popping 5.1inch QHD AMOLED panel. The 300mAh battery on the S7 promises a day of heavy use and Android Marshmallow keeps everything running fluid while conserving battery power.

The other innovation was the camera coming from 16 Megapixels to 12. The faster f/1.7 lens and bigger sensor combine to give out some stellar shots in any condition. Galaxy S7 Edge is a bigger version of the S7 with slightly juicier 3600mAh battery. All that aside, let’s talk Galaxy S8, the next big thing. Samsung is already prepping up the S8 for February and a lot of leaks are pointing bigger, better successor to the S7. We will go through Samsung Galaxy S8 Price, Specs, Release Date, Launch Date, Features, News And Updates !

Samsung Galaxy S8 | The Next Big Thing

galaxy s8

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 redefined the mobile industry launching a stellar device, this won’t be any different with Galaxy S8. Galaxy S8 will be the next big thing improving the quirks of the S7 and offering a more premium build with features unique to the S8.

Galaxy S8 Body and Display: A mix of AMOLED and premium

Galaxy S8 will be come with the same glass sandwiched metal body with those curves that makes it fit perfectly in the hands. The body of the S8 will be rated to IP69 as per the leaks for water and dust resistance. Go for a swim or get splashed or go wandering in a desert (probably you’d be crazy to do that), Galaxy S8 will survive all of these and more. Galaxy S8 will support wireless charging and fast charging with the new Type-C port, a lot of complaints about sticking to micro USB will be addressed too with this iteration. The TouchID will be given a boost on the S8 to make it more easy and secure to unlock your device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Images

galaxy s8 premium

The display will be an AMOLED goodness with the S8 scaling the display to 5.2 inches from 5.1 also keeping the QHD resolution although some leaks point to 4K UHD, but mobiles with weak battery are not 4K ready yet. The display will also feature an always “On” mode to keep you updated on the latest happenings and other notifications if you wish so. QHD or 4K AMOLED will give you drooling experience overall with colors just popping out.

Galaxy S8 Camera and Performance : Megapixels and Mega power

Samsung is not going to dismantle their already perfect camera on the S7, they will just re-iterate to give it a perfection on the Galaxy S8. The 12Megapixel camera will be the same with f/1.7 aperture to boot, giving you the ideal pictures in any condition. The complaints about the S7 will be addressed on the S8, HDR will not just be a scene lighter, instead will highlight the shadows to give you a beautifully lit scene. Galaxy S8 will come with a 5 Megapixel camera for the selfie being in you with the same, fast f/1.7 lens.

galaxy s8 sides

Performance is one department where we will see key improvements with some major changes. S8 will come in two versions, a Snapdragon 830 variant and an Exynos/MediaTek variant. Samsung is moving to a new SoC with a MediaTek version of the S7 in the works, it’s soon that we will see a MediaTek version of the Samsung S8. Galaxy S8 will come with an Octa Core MediaTek SoC and will probably skip the in house Exynos chip. In both cases performance will be on par with any device and beating out many in some instances. The 3660 mAh will help the Samsung S8 last more than one day with heavy usage.

Galaxy S8 Price and Release Date: Waiting can be fun, when this includes the Galaxy S8 Edge as well

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be reach us in February 2017 along with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge. The major difference will be the 4100 mAH battery and the new 5.7 inch Edge screen. GalaxyS8 will carry a price tag $950 and the S8 Edge, $865. Samsung S8 and S8 Edge will be the next big premium device from Samsung all ready to wreak havoc in the mobile industry.

Samsung S8 Price World Wide –

Samsung S8 price in India – 60,000 INR

Samsung S8 price in USA – $950 USD

Samsung S8 price in UK – £635 British Pound Sterling

Samsung S8 price in Russia – 45907 Russian Ruble

Samsung S8 in Canada – 1130 Canadian Dollar

S8 price in Sweden – 7420 Swedish Krona

S8 Price in Denmark – 5980 Danish Krone

S8 price in South Africa – 11212 South African Rand

S8 LG price in Malaysia – 3335 Malaysian Ringgit

Samsung S8 price in Hong Kong – 7754 Hong Kong Dollar

Samsung S8 price in Philippines – 44890 Philippine Peso

Samsung S8 price in Mauritius – $1000 USD

S8 price in Indonesia – 12202000 Indonesian Rupiah

S8 price in Japan – 115770 Japanese Yen

Samsung S8 price in Qatar – 3640 Qatari Rial

S8 price in South Korea – 1097750 South Korean Won

S8 price in Austria – 800 Euro

S8 price in China – 6107 Chinese Yuan

S8 price in Bangladesh – 77170 Bangladeshi Taka

Samsung S8 price in Australia – 1147 Australian Dollar

Samsung S8 price in Singapore – 1292 Singapore Dollar

S8 price in Thailand – 32830 Thai Baht

Samsung S8 price in Belgium – 800 Euro

Samsung S8 price in Switzerland – 966 Swiss Franc

S8 Price in Turkey – 2254 Turkish Lira

Samsung S8 price in Ireland – 800 Euro

Samsung S8 price in Chile – 594470 Chilean Peso

S8 price in Mexico – 13566 Mexican Peso

S8 price in Europe – 800 Euro

S8 price in Iraq – 1163000 Iraqi Dinar

S8 price in Israel – 3810 Israeli New Sheqel

S8 Price in Netherlands – 800 Euro

S8 price in Germany – 800 Euro

Samsung S8 price in Saudi Arabia – 3752 Saudi Riyal

Samsung S8 price in Norway – 6806 Norwegian Krone.

Samsung S8 price in Nepal – 99760.00 Nepalese Rupee

Samsung S8 price in Sri Lanka – 130875 Sri Lankan Rupee.

Galaxy S8 Updates – April 17 | Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge information revealed in new leaks !

After the leak of Galaxy Note 6 sporting a Snapdragon 823 and an almost confirmed 6GB of RAM, we have got our hands on some new leaks for the flagship from Samsung in 2017. Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge is now confirmed to come with a bigger sensor, keeping the same megapixel count,12. It was previously mentioned that Samsung S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge will come with 4GB of RAM, which is quite common for a phone of this size, instead both devices will sport 6GB of RAM making multi-tasking a breeze. The documentation also shows that the pricing will hover around in the range of $700 to $799 for both devices.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Infographics

Galaxy S8 Comparison

Galaxy S8 Comparison

Samsung S8 Galaxy Video | Concept By Giztimes

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