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Galaxy S7 News | The Next Big Thing From Samsung

by Giz TimesApril 3, 2015

Galaxy S7 News | The Next Big Thing From Samsung

The Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge have recently been propelled to basically consistent discriminating praise however that hasn’t ceased Samsung from planning the next big smart phone Galaxy S7, which will be the next lead cell phone that will highlight much more bends and adaptability.

 Galaxy S7 Coming Soon !

It gives the idea that the positive response to the new gadgets, and particularly the Galaxy S6 Edge which emphasizes a screen that bends more than two edges of the handset, has driven Samsung to expect tremendous offers of one year from now’s postliminary, the Samsung Galaxy S7. In view of this, the Samsung Display division is growing to take care of the normal demand. An anonymous source figures Samsung has asked for 8 million adaptable boards a month in planning for the Galaxy S7. Samsung is additionally chipping away at enhancing yields for the Galaxy S6 Edge’s bended screens, which ought to imply that getting hold of the mainstream gadget will soon be much simpler.

Some of the features Galaxy S7 is expected to have are Octa-center Snapdragon processor 3.0+ GHz, 4K resolution showcase or foldable presentation , 4GB RAM for blasting and perfect experience ,20 MP front camera sensor with rotatory-framework , Extremely propelled Touch ID catch and retina check, and an extreme accusing time of quick charging innovation.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy S7 launch date is expected to be around February 2016. There are a considerable measure of rumors about the Galaxy S7 cell phone that organization would be including a heaps of new highlights to the cell phone and it would be excessively energizing for everybody on the arrival of Galaxy S7 while the clients of Samsung are expecting an excess of even on the arrival of the Galaxy S6 cell phone. Let’s see and trust for the best for the arrival of Galaxy S7 which is gonna happen in a few months we are even an excess of energized for that !

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