Galaxy Note 6 specifications leaked, launch date set to July

by Giz TimesMarch 27, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Price, Release Date, Specs, Features & News

Samsung stole the stage light from recently released flagships with their Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Two stunning devices with the simplicity and all the power you need in an Android phone. The excitement retains when we talk about the guts as well, packing a crazily fast 12 Megapixel camera, Snapdragon 820/Exynos 8890 and coupled with 4GB of RAM. Samsung brought back the IP rating for dust and water resistance from the Galaxy S5 as well. The glass sandwiched, all metal constructed Galaxy S7 also incorporated the flawless curved design from the Galaxy Note 5 to give you that premium feel.



This strategy to provide a premium experience will be seen on the Galaxy Note 6 as well. Samsung will reiterate what’s left of Galaxy Note 5 to bring yet another premium phablet to the game. The internal guts of the Galaxy Note 6 will largely remain the same, Snapdragon 820/Exynos 8890 depending on the region coupled with 4GB of RAM. Galaxy Note 6 will incorporated the same 12 Megapixel  f/1.7 camera from the Galaxy S7, making some tweaks in the software department. The aged micro USB will give way to USB Type-C with fast charging and other goodies that comes along with it.

On the screen side, we won’t be seeing much of a change, it will be the same 5.7 inch panel, leaks pointing to 4K UHD instead of QHD. Samsung will be changing their strategy on release dates as well. The news that Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 6 ahead of IFA is almost official now and new dates floating around points to a July launch. And the other exciting news is that the Galaxy Note 6 will come with Android N out of the box. Google hasn’t officially set a launch date for Android N but the rumors seem solid. Samsung set a new standard with the Galaxy Note 5, this will be seen a step up with Galaxy Note 6 as well.

Update, March 30 : Note 6 leaks, MediaTek variant, launching ahead of IFA.

The news gets exciting day by day with leaks completely giving us a better clear picture of the Galaxy Note 6. The new leaks are sure to make you get off your seat. The Note 6 is all set to surprise us with a MediaTek variant of the phablet. This leaks just came in right when the Galaxy S7 is spotted testing with a MediaTek SoC.  Galaxy Note 6 will skip the in-house Exynos 8890 as per the new rumors and will instead run on an Octa Core MediaTek chip. This can be very well be an explanation cut costs to stay in the competition from other Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo…

The other interesting news come right when the HTC One M10 news was boiling hot. Samsung will skip IFA this year and launch the Note 6 ahead of it. The Note 6 is also rumoured to be accompanied by another Note lineup, probably another Note Edge variant. The new Note Edge is sure to follow the same design aesthetics of the Galaxy S7 Edge. Apart from all the news, the pricing of the Note 6 is circling around with the premium device having a price tag of $850.

It’s still in the rumor phase but the Galaxy Note 6 is almost confirmed to come with Android N out of the box. This means that the Note 6 will chew through any task you throw at it. And add to that the freedom of S-Pen stylus and  other features like Multi-Window, writing notes without waking the display,  to name a few and you are getting a sweet package. Samsung is also working on simplifying TouchWiz UI and adding more themes. Galaxy S7 came with a trimmed version of TouchWiz improving the overall performance of the device. This doesn’t come as a surprise since the recent Galaxy flagships are stunning in both performance and aesthetics. With major contenders lining up their flagships devices for the coming months, will the Galaxy Note 6 cut it in terms of almost everything? We still have a few months to find out, we’ll keep you posted.

Update 14th April

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to be powered by Snapdragon 823

Leaks just confirmed that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 will come with a new SoC, Snapdragon 823. This new chip has more power under the hood than the current version, Snapdragon 820, clocking at 2.6GHz. Wait there’s more exciting news. Snapdragon 823 is capable of supporting 8GB of RAM. Does this mean that we will see Galaxy Note 6 with 8GB of RAM. Well, as much crazy that we think Samsung is, this is not their style. But leaks just confirmed that Note 6 will beat the Galaxy S7 duo and will boast 6GB of memory. This is turning out to be quite the innovation.

Leaks reveal 99% of a device and this new leaks doesn’t seem that farfetched considering that 4GB chips are already common with budget oriented devices coming in 3GB range.

Update 3 May

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Benchmarked : The new “Note” packs a pretty good punch

Samsung packed a lot in their recent flagships, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and a Note just takes it to the next level. The new leaks just shows us what a heavy hitter Samsung has made the Note 6. A recent benchmark was leaked with quite a lot of information. The previously rumoured 6GB RAM myth is in fact not a myth but the truth. Galaxy Note 6 will not see many changes in the size, packing 5.8 inches with QHD resolution. At the core of the device is a Qulacomm Snapdragon 823 clocking at 2.6GHz. Now the wow part, helping you multitask smoothly and handling the power will be a 6GB RAM module, which when paired with Samsung’s new TouchWiz UI and Qualcomm’s new chip will give you one powerful device. The leaked model, Note 6 SM-N930F comes in an Exynos variant, Exynos 8890, also packs in mammoth 3970mAH battery. Also one more aspect carried over to Note 6 will be water and resistance. Yes, you heard it folks, now you can take this beast of tablet (also a premium device ) for a swim and that 12 Megapixel sensor is assured to give you premium quality pictures as well.

Galaxy Note 6 Comparison

Galaxy Note 6 Comparison

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