From Hippie to Happy : Here’s how Music Therapy Cures Addicts Through its Spiritual and Psychedelic Powers

by Giz TimesJune 17, 2015

Since Time immemorial, music has been regarded as a practice belonging to the spiritual realms that leads one to a transcendental platform. It is something that causes relief and bliss and has got psychedelic powers. Recent studies have shown that music has the capacity to cure addicts and bring them back to this life, by providing them with a higher bliss which will allow them to transgress to another territory, which is peaceful and a complete opposite to the addictions caused by drugs which cause nothing but disappointment. So Next time you think of taking Drugs, Listen to some good music! You’ll feel better.

Anxiety and sorrow have a method for depleting the body, psyche and soul, particularly in the wake of managing durable torment. Music is your relief, that escape valve!

What is it about music that moves us in such a large number of ways? The cadence begins and we slide onto the dance floor, turning to the beats; a guitar moves an enthusiastic reaction, and we commit ourselves totally to the crowd; a tune is played on the radio, and we chime in. The right songs can change the way we feel in a minute.

Music gives you an opening to vent your sentiments and feelings that may some way or another be hard to discharge. It is presently broadly utilized for remedial purposes as a part of clinical settings and endorsed as a recuperating device. Much like a rehab!

Music has hallucinogenic and psychedelic powers and can be utilized to impact individuals. Yes, We are talking about Trance music. Trance, Hallucinogenic and Psychedelic music is an electronic music style portrayed by game plans of engineered rhythms and complex layered songs made by high rhythm riffs. Psychedelic stupor style of music is extremely mainstream in Goa and Mcleodganj. Exploration hosts likewise demonstrated that going to gatherings with such music cure’s dejection also. We can likewise cure ailments by music treatment.

Music Therapy is an established healthcare profession that uses music to address physical, passionate, subjective, and social needs of people of all ages. Music treatment and Music Therapy enhances the personal satisfaction for the individuals who are unwell and addresses the issues of kids and grown-ups with inabilities or diseases. They are a great means to cure addiction. Music treatment mediations and Music Theraphy are intended to:

  • Advance well being
  • Manage stress
  • Assuage pain and torment
  • Express sentiments and emotions
  • Upgrade memory
  • Enhance correspondence
  • Advance physical recovery

Music affects us and it can set the stage for some things, normally and profoundly. Indian Spiritual Music which is intertwined by the rhythms of Mridanga and Kartal are again a medium that relieve a lot of people from their pain.  ISKCON is a fine illustration of how music upgrades our profound comprehension. The society was an awesome impact on the Hippies from the western society. The International Society of Krishna Consciousness, more popularly known as the Hare Krishna movement or ISKCON has shown an exemplary revolution in this context by transforming the Drug Addicts and The Hippies into religious Krishna Conscious Devotees. These ever smiling people have found their refuge from the stress and chaos of life by coming to a place which is a platform for excellent musicians to practice their talent by devoting their songs to Lord Krishna and a kind of hospital for all those who are stressed and depressed in life. The ISKCON Headquarters Mayapur celebrates a Kirtan Mela in every spring, where people of different caste, creed, sex and race join hands together and jump on the bandwagon to sing, dance and make merry. Sounds Fun? One time visit to this Music Therapy Festival at Mayapur will make you realize that how good music is the best therapy to cure addiction and get a moment of respite from this mundane world. ISKCON made these people sing for God in love and devotion and made them true pundits. Music worked! Check out this video and you will get what we are talking about. Listen to it from start till end PATIENTLY and you will feel it right there.

Truth be told, a great deal of medication clients had the capacity get calm in light of the otherworldly way of the music. They felt transported to an alternate world and space. Travelling in a spiritual realm to cure their pain and relieve their mental stress.

Since we abandon every one of our stresses when our most loved music plays, we give ourselves a superior opportunity to get closer to the Higher Power. We are focused and glad. Music has the ability to modify our point of view and help us sink in the realm of self introspection and thoughts about some higher power, which consequently causes a kind of purgatory.

Music is additionally utilized as a type of entrancing or ‘mentally programming’. A melody like “Undying” takes away trepidation and torment and purges you completely. Music, interestingly, assumes an essential part in animal attraction too. Music has effectively caught animal’s consideration, a thought that helps controllers stay in control. Similarly, studies have shown that plants also respond and grow well in the presence of certain kind of music.

Music can pass on a message, a thought, an inclination, an idea, to a huge number of others. Thus Music Therapy is perhaps the best therapy to introspect as well as escape. If you think drugs, alcohol and smoking give you a hit, try music. And then you will realize that some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

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