Forbes’ Releases Richest TV Actors List

by Mrinal VermaAugust 27, 2015

Forbes’ has recently released their list of Richest TV Actors, and just like everything else he tries his hand in, Jim Parsons has won. Last’s year list recorded him at the ninth position. Seems like Parsons took a huge jump and finally landed on the top, with his co-actors following really close.

The news does not come as a surprise since the whole cast of the hit American TV show The Big Bang Theory went on a strike to get a huge raise in their salary. The protest became an obstacle in the shooting process of the show and the newest season was delayed as the team could not reach common grounds. It was after a long fight that the producers of the show accepted the deal, raising the salary of the actors to a whooping high-and-mighty sum. Parsons now receives one million dollars for every episode he does, and that sum has made him the richest actor in the television industry.

Parsons plays the role of Sheldon Cooper, a physicist who is extremely brilliant but is also socially awkward and has trouble understanding societal norms and practices. The other three main male protagonists of the same show have also secured high ranks. Johnny Galecki, portrays Sheldon’s best friend and roommate Leonard, has grabbed the second position. Simon Helberg, playing the Jewish Howard Wolowitz is tied with Kunal Nayyar, the beloved Indian Rajesh aka Raj.

Parsons is leading the list at 29 million American dollars. Johnny Galecki is in the second position with 27 million dollars. For the third space, Nayyar and Helberg are tied at 20 million dollars. Though these two are not the only one bagging the spot. Mike Harmon, who has been portraying Agent Gibbs on NCIS is also accounted at 20 million dollars. Ashton Kutcher, who made his TV comeback with Two and a Half Men is the fourth person tied for the third position. Jon Cryer, who played the iconic parasitic brother of Charlie Harper and father of Jake, bagged the seventh position with 15 million dollars. He was tied with Ray Romano of Everybody Loves Raymond fame.

Though Patrick Dempsey’s character has been killed off from the show Grey’s Anatomy, it still did not stop him from being ninth with 12 million dollars. Simon Baker is also on the same rank with his role in The Mentalist. The loveable Phil Dunphy from Modern Family, Ty Burell is eleventh with 11.5 million dollars. The other main male characters on the show also made it to the list. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, earing 11 million dollars is on the 12th spot, and Ed O’Neill and Eric Stonestreet are tied at 10.5 million dollars. Concluding the list and bagging the last spot in Top 15 is Kevin Spacey for his role in House of Cards.

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