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Fitness Freak Headphones | Review By GizTimes

by Giz TimesApril 30, 2015

A Look At Best Fitness Freak Headphones 2015

By Rachit Sethi

If you are a fitness freak, music plays a perfect partner during solo workout sessions. But all of us workout lads always face a problem facing proper headphones and same happened with me. So after ruining my two of the best earphones, finally realized the need to get a proper fitness headset.

Fitness Freak Headphones

I googled fitness earphones but most of the products could not be found in the market. So I went on to almost all online-shopping portals and looked for fitness earphones and I was quit disappointed with the response. No website accept amazon had this category (well amazon you win my heart) and amazon’s category was quit satisfying.

You have different brand out there, well not different but only 3, but the mist promising one :


Well Philips have launched a very good range of sports headphone which I liked but because of it being available exclusively on amazon there was no room left for the getting the price lower than the MRP which one of the largest reason didn’t go for Philips sports headphone range. Another reason for rejecting the brand was the reviews of the users. Honestly at the price rate the review were not satisfactory.

SHOPS AVAILABLE: (exclusively)

PRICE RANGE : $7 ( INR 420) to $25 ( INR 1589 )



Philips Headphones

Philips Headphones

  • JBL

Perhaps the best brand for music accessory and if you have huger pocket you can go, no you should go for JBL. All the things that forced me not to go Philips were forcing me to go for JBL. But again budget played the role of an important role in again rejecting me the JBL option. Concluding I would say if you have a handsome pocket don’t give a second thought and go for the models out their.

SHOPS AVAILABLE: (exclusively)

PRICE RANGE : $20 ( INR 1200) to $150(INR 10000)

REVIEWERS TAKE : GO FOR IT (because the reviewers had a handsome pocket )

MY TAKE  : have a good budget ?? darling go for it now.

JBL Headphones

JBL Headphones

  • Sony

And for poor ones like me I found a perfect sports headphone for you. After rigors search I found my dream sports headphones SONY MDR-AS200 Perfect choice they were budget, sporty, stylish, reliable and last but not the least but being available on almost all the stores provides a great room for price decrement


PRICE RANGE   : $5( INR 300) to $150(INR 10000)

REVIEWERS TAKE : GO FOR IT (because the reviewers had a handsome pocket )

MY TAKE : Go Go Sony ( options with all budgets available ).

So Go For Fitness Freak Headphones ! 🙂

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