Fight Against Sexual Harassment: Not Easy Even For IAS Riju Bafna

by Gaurav SunejaAugust 8, 2015

Riju Bafna, an officer Trainee at Indian Administrative Service at Government or IAS of India, is another victim of sexual harassment. It is very shameful on our part that even a woman at such a high post being an IAS is facing such problem, then we can imagine how deplorable is the condition of other women in our country.

A complaint was filed by Riju Bafna against the member of Madhya Pradesh’s human rights commission for sending indecent messages to her. She explained the incident and said that she came to court on August 1 to record her statement for in connection with an FIR registered against by her against Santosh Chaubey, Aygya Mitra of MP Human  Rights Commission in Seoni district. Also read : Meet The UPSC Topper – Ira Singhal

She also said that, she had reported the incident to Bharat Yadav, Collector & DM, Seoni, who then wrote about  this case of harassment to MPHRC and with immediate effect Santosh Chaubey was vacated from his official responsibilities with immediate effect.

Sharing her experience in the court Riju said that it was horrible and traumatic. She added that she requested the Judicial Magistrate to kindly allow her to take a camera recording of the statement, but even before the Court to take any decision on her request, an advocate who was standing there started screaming at her and said how she dared to make such a request. The advocate rudely said that it was not her office, but that was his court.

The surprise was that during the incident the Judicial Magistrate maintained complete and silence and was a mere spectator. Her Facebook post  “I can only pray that no woman is born in this country”, went viral. After that in her next post Riju Bafna said that she wrote that line in the spur of the moment and she regretted blaming the country for the fault of individuals and indeed she edited the FB post later.

Riju Bafna

Riju Bafna

If a person faces such a situation, then it is obvious that she will become depressed. The duty of an IAS officer is to work for the welfare of the society, but if they continue to face such situations, then they will only get entangled in such kinds of situations and will not be able to work properly. This incident also shows the reality of the judicial system. If a woman at such a high post has to face so many difficulties then what will be the level of difficulty an ordinary woman has to face. This is one of the reason that the cases of sexual harassment are on the rise.

It is very important that people in this judicial system should become mature and take up such issues seriously otherwise it will become impossible to give punishment to the convict and the victim will not get justice. Also, there is a need to sensitize people about this issue and help and support those who are facing such problems.

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