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Facebook Introduces New Changes for Gender Equality

by Mrinal VermaJuly 9, 2015

Facebook Introduces New Changes for Gender Equality. Even though Facebook has a lot of haters who claims that the social media website is below them, or they prefer Twitter and Tumblr over it, it cannot be denied that Facebook is in fact the biggest social media platform there currently is. The site, which has about 1.4 billion active users, has always been seen going under minimal or extreme changes which the users love to hate. Whether the changes are about introducing an entire new concept of Timeline or about the size of the Display Picture, Facebook has never been shy to experiment. They have constantly been seen working and introducing new designs which point out innovative features.

The latest change in the design may seem like an insignificant one, but it surely is extremely substantial and highly important for feminism and gender equality. Facebook’s design manager Caitlin Winner is a woman and has also been a student of a women’s college, and because of such facts she couldn’t help but notice the design intently and judge what was wrong with it. The site has made new design changes in their web page and apps to highlight the problems with the previous design and give an equality to both the genders in the new one. She started with a new icon for Friends option. It previously was denoted by the glyph of a man with a woman behind him who was smaller in size, but the new icon has a woman in front with a man behind her and both are of same sizes.

Facebook Introduces New Changes for Gender Equality

Facebook Introduces New Changes for Gender Equality

Winner, in her post on Medium, revealed that her realization of a need for change began when she noticed a glitch in the shoulder of the woman’s silhouette, which is apparently where the man’s silhouette overshadowed her in the previous Friends icon.

“The lady icon needed a shoulder, so I drew it in-and so began my many month descent into the rabbit hole of icon design,” wrote Winner.

She also changed individual designs for both the genders. She has always been bothered by the ‘Darth Vader-like helmet’ hair on women’s logo and wanted to change that, but because of the size and pixel limitations, she could not do all that she wanted. She still managed to give the glyph a new hairdo, and she implemented the same with men’s hair where she gave it a patted down and smooth hair and a little slope to the otherwise flat shoulders.

The old group icon which featured a man in the front, backed up by another man and a smaller woman has also been changed. The new design features a woman as the centred character with two different silhouettes of a man marginally behind.

It seems like a great social change done by the company to send a bigger message to the world.

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