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European Rosetta Philae Probe Makes Historic Landing On Comet

by Giz TimesNovember 13, 2014

European Rosetta Philae Probe Makes Historic Landing On Comet

Philae, the European Space Agency’s Spacecraft has landed on Comet’s Surface and it’s ambitious attempt to place this space craft on the surface of a comet succeeded as soon as a signal arrived at the mission control-center at Darmstadt, Germany, just after 5p.m. local time (11a.m. Eastern time).  And cheers erupted …

We’re there and Philae is talking to us, said Stephan Ulamec, the manager for the lander. “We are on the comet.”

The lander, Philae, with its 10 instruments have now already begun 64 hrs of scientific-operations before its batteries get actually drained. Solar panels will help to again recharge all batteries, allowing intermittent operations to continue over the coming weeks.

Landing On Comet Will Help Long Way

European probe lands on comet gives scientists their first real chance to actually ride a comet & study it closely as what happens when it gets closer to the sun.

Landing a probe on a comet whizzing through deep space was not easy, but European scientists did this quite well with any major problem.

More analysis of @Philae2014 telemetry indicates harpoons did not fire as 1st thought. Lander in gr8 shape. Team looking at refire options. Tweet by – Esaoperations

Stay tuned for more news and updates on Landing On Comet information. 🙂

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