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Elephone P8000 Features, Launch Date And Price

by Giz TimesJune 2, 2015

Elephone P8000 Features, Launch Date And Price

Elephone P8000 highlights a couple of upgrades over the current P7000 model, first the huge battery & the thinner 7.2 mm body design being another.

The Elephone P8000 smart phone is setting out toward dispatch towards the end of one month from now and will highlight the later MT6752 chip set for better FDD LTE bolster outside of China. The new chip is just piece of the overhaul over the P7000 model, the rest is in the battery and the outline designing.

Where as the Elephone P7000 has a 3,450 mAh battery stuffed into a 8.9 mm body, the P8000 model is expected to figures out how to get a much bigger 4,165 mAh battery inside a marginally more slender/seek 7.2 mm body.

The pictures leaked likewise indicate it will have a double SIM support, miniaturized scale SD and the metal and plastic development body. Elephone are accounted for to be dispatching the Elephone P8000 toward the end of July for around $209.99 price.

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