Eating out? – Here is what you should keep in mind!

by Garima JaitlyJuly 5, 2015

Eating out? – Here is what you should keep in mind!

Do you think you are going for a healthier option when you skip the fast food joint to enter into a family restaurant? Are your “oh-so-traditional” dal makhni and shahi paneer  and consider it as a healthy option over burgers and fries?

Here is why you may be wrong:

Recent study indicates that the food made in these restaurants are equally responsible if not less for unhealthy consumption of nutrients. Mostly it is owing to the large quantities that they prepare and the not so healthy way of cooking giving no regard to the composition. Fast food which we put to blame always was found out to be more energy dense rather than its table service rival.

Researches and studies all around the globe show that around 12,500 adults ate on average 194 calories more on days when they ate fast food and 205 calories more when they ate in a restaurant than if they ate at home.

So how do your curb this problem ? Never eat out? Well in this century we all know that is not an option.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind :

1. Be aware of the quantity that you order : Ask the server what he thinks might be sufficient or better still see it for yourself before you order. If available you tend to eat more.

2. Be specific : Do you want your chicken grilled ? Without sauces ? Be very careful when placing order don’t let someone else order for you, after all it is your health.

3.Ask about the preparation : It is your server’s job to answer your questions. Ask him whatever you want to about the preparation technique.

4. Don’t wipe your plate clean : Nobody is forcing you to eat till your reflection shines back at you so just don’t! If your tummy is full be adult about it and order them to pack the extra up. Nobody’s judging .

In a world where cooking is more of a headache eating out can’t be shunned, but if you balance it out you can avoid the belly and the strokes. And as they always say “you are what you eat”.

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