Dylan Roof – Possible Reasons Behind His Shooting at the Charleston Church

by Giz TimesJune 19, 2015

The Charleston church massacre was a mass shooting that occurred on the night of June 17, 2015, at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, United States. The congregation is one of the United States’ most established black and has long been a site for group arranging around common rights. The senior pastor, the Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, a state congressperson, was among the nine individuals killed. In the quick result, police looked for a white male, later distinguished as Dylan Roof, who was caught the morning after the assault in Shelby, North Carolina. The shooting is being researched as a disdain hate crime by local and federal officials. It was the deadliest assault at an American place of worship since a 1991 mass homicide at the Wat Promkunaram Buddhist sanctuary in Waddell, Arizona in which nine people died.

Dylan Roof is the suspected man behind the Charleston Shooting. Roof was tagged as the suspect by the FBI around 9 a.m. Thursday morning, twelve hours after his shooting rampage. He was captured by Shelby, N.C. law enforcement shortly thereafter. Authorities have stated that they believe Roof’s actions were racially motivated. Charleston police spokesman Charles Francis said that the church members “were killed because they were black.”

Dylan Roof Profile

  • Born April 3,1994 Dylan Roof
  • He went to White White Knoll High School in Lexington, South Carolina, a school which says its mission is to graduate students “who possess the attitude and character necessary to be productive citizens and lifelong learners”.
  • He had many black Facebook friends.
  • He lived with his mother Amelia Roof in Lexington country. His uncle Carson Cowles, also puts nearby the state.
  • His classmates confirmed that he was into drugs and was interested In the history of Southern Confederacy. They also said that he made a lot of racist jokes.
  • He was arrested on March 1,2015 for drug charges.
  • He was arrested for trespassing on April 26,2015, but wasn’t charged.
  • He received a .45 calibre pistol from his dad on his 21st He is thought to have used the same gun for shooting.
  • In his Facebook profile photograph he is wearing a jacket bearing the flags of apartheid-era South Africa, and white minority rule Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).
  • In another, he is posing on a car which is apparently the same as the getaway vehicle shown in police surveillance pictures on Thursday bearing a “Confederate States of America” registration plate.
  • According to a victim’s relative who spoke to survivors, the gunman told victims as he carried out the attack that he “had to shoot them”, because “you rape our women and you’re taking over our country”.

These are mere facts about Dylan Roof. But they do reflect how is ideology was shaped right from the beginning. His racist attitude is supported by his profile.

It is not the first time when racism has led to a massacre. The ideologies of the White Man’s Burden are still deeply rooted. The Hegemony exists and this leads to such happenings which cause the loss of innocent lives. It has been a long time, the world has tried to reform. But, the question is where the change is? Baltimore Controversy, The Charleston Church Massacre are the examples which come to notice, but there are people out there who face racism every moment. The Paki, Blackie, Negro, Savage, Indians have all been targeted. The mindset need to change, the awareness has to improve and the hegemony has to end. The government and its people should not just reform, it should revolt –  Openly as well as within.

Some pictures of Dylan Roof:

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