DU- List Of Declared Results May/June 2015

by Giz TimesJune 12, 2015

DU- List Of Declared Results May/June 2015

DU List Of Declared Results 2015

DU List Of Declared Results 2015

Yesterday DU in a press release confirmed that the results of 39 courses will be declared and they have done it. This is the first time that DU result Semester IV 2015 has been declared after 12 days of the exam. Students are having a difficulty in accessing the site. You can click at the below links and CHECK the DU- list of declared results May/June 2015, right here :

Sr. No. Exam Type Course Code Course Name Sem
1 Semester 401 B.A. (H) Arabic IV
2 Semester 412 B.A. (H) Bengali IV
3 Semester 404 B.A. (H) French IV
4 Semester 449 B.A. (H) Geography IV
5 Semester 405 B.A. (H) German IV
6 Semester 408 B.A. (H) Hindi IV
7 Semester 409 B.A. (H) Hindi Patrakarita IV
8 Semester 468 B.A. (H) Hindustani Music IV
9 Semester 406 B.A. (H) Italian IV
10 Semester 470 B.A. (H) Percussion Music IV
11 Semester 420 B.A. (H) Persian IV
12 Semester 421 B.A. (H) Philosophy IV
13 Semester 451 B.A. (H) Political Science IV
14 Semester 422 B.A. (H) Psychology IV
15 Semester 423 B.A. (H) Punjabi IV
16 Semester 424 B.A. (H) Sanskrit IV
17 Semester 452 B.A. (H) Social Work IV
18 Semester 407 B.A. (H) Spanish IV
19 Semester 425 B.A. (H) Urdu IV
20 Semester 460 B.Com. (Hons.) IV
21 Semester 426 B.Sc. (H) Anthropology IV
22 Semester 427 B.Sc. (H) Bio-Chemistry IV
23 Semester 428 B.Sc. (H) Bio-Medical Science IV
24 Semester 429 B.Sc. (H) Botany IV
25 Semester 430 B.Sc. (H) Chemistry IV
26 Semester 431 B.Sc. (H) Geology IV
27 Semester 432 B.Sc. (H) Home Science IV
28 Semester 442 B.Sc. (H) Mathematics IV
29 Semester 457 B.Sc. (H) Micro-Biology IV
30 Semester 439 B.Sc. (H) Physics IV
31 Semester 444 B.Sc. (H) Statistics IV
32 Semester 440 B.Sc. (H) Zoology IV
33 Semester 458 B.Sc. Physical Education, Health Education & Sports IV
34 Semester 441 B.Tech. Computer Science IV
35 Semester 454 B.Tech. Electronics IV
36 Semester 455 B.Tech. Food Technology IV
37 Semester 456 B.Tech. Instrumentation IV
38 Semester 438 B.Tech. Polymer Science IV


May/June 2015 – Sem II, IV, VIEXAMINATIONS – 2015

The University of Delhi conducted the 2015 Examinations in May/June 2015 and in Nov/December 2014. While the Results for Nov/Dec 2014 were released in December 2014, the result for the semester exams held in May/June 2015 are yet to be declared.

Last year the result was declared between 15th June 2015 to 15th July 2015 for different courses. This time the results are expected and rumored to be released within the last week of June 2015. Seems like we will be bombarded with a lot of surprises this new year as well. We wish all the giztimers and Delhi university students All the very best .

DU Result May/June 2015 – Sem II, IV, VI

Check out the Delhi University Semester (II,IV,VI) Results for the exams held in May/June 2015 on

We will be providing you with the current updates on the DU Result May/June 2015 – Sem II, IV, VI. So stay tuned to Break a leg all you Giztimers. We hope you all score good!

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