Don’t Judge Challenge Is Not What It Seems

by Mrinal VermaJuly 10, 2015

Don’t Judge Challenge Is Not What It Seems. Last week the internet was hit by the storm that is #DontJudgeChallenge. Trending on Twitter, and also pretty popular on Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr, the trend consisted of thousands of videos by teenagers and young adults who shared two sides of their physical appearance. The trend was started with noble intentions and was carried out as a retort against body shaming. The challenge consisted of either posting photos or a video where the user first shared a photo of them being “ugly”, and in the later part, they remove their “flaws” to reveal their actual attractiveness and what is underneath.

If you have been going through the hashtag and are totally confused about what people are actually doing under the name of this trend, you are not the only one. Even though it was started with good aims, the trend just ended up being another way for all the shallow, already-attractive people to poke fun of all those who do not fit in the society’s definition of beauty. They are doing nothing but painting their face in fake pimples, unibrows, moustaches, and wearing glasses to show their “ugliness”, and later removing all of those and plastering their face in make-up which makes them “attractive”. The whole point of the phenomenon was to appreciate and create an acceptance for people, especially young adults who have to deal with the hatred towards them if they are not attractive, but the project soon detached itself from what it stood for and became parodic and hypocritical.

Don't Judge Challenge Em Ford

Don’t Judge Challenge Em Ford

The hashtag budded after a beauty blogger, Em Ford, posted a video on YouTube of herself where she removed her flawless make-up, revealing her acne. She encouraged her viewers to accept them for who they are rather than feeling ashamed. But the challenge, which started with the idea “don’t judge a book by its cover” has backfired and has met many critical opinions in the media as well as many other users of these social networking sites.

“Don’t yall understand the don’t judge challenge is just pretty ppl making fun of ppl who they think are less than perfect,” said the Twitter user @Kaaaat__.

Tumblr user daydrheamin posted: “if you did the dont judge challenge and drew on fake acne, a unibrow, freckles, or anything else, unfollow me. i don’t need someone following me who thinks its funny to dress up as someone’s insecurity and label it as ugly.”

At the end of the day, all these kids doing it for “fun” need a fresh reality check about the fact that their so-called stand against body-shaming (if that’s what they are calling their attempts at this challenge) is not only offensive, it is completely misled and catastrophically deluded. What they are doing is a mockery of all those who do not fit the social norms by society, and that they are in fact subtly bullying the victims. Fighting bullying with more bullying isn’t just not solving the problem but it creates more victims.

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