Devon Still and Leah: The Real Heroes

by Gaurav SunejaJuly 17, 2015

The Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award, popularly known as ESPY Awards, which are given to those individuals and the teams for their achievements in sports and also other related activities during the preceding year in which the award ceremony is being conducted. Devon Still and her daughter was awarded with the Jimmy V. Perseverance Award on the 23rd iteration of the ESPY Award on July15, 2015 at Microsoft Theatre, Los Angeles.

The American footballer Devon J. Still plays for the Cincinnati Bengals. Playing in the position of defensive tackle for his team has been fighting with his daughter against her cancer. Leah has been suffering from Stage IV neuroblastoma, a rare pediatric cancer and there is only 50% chance of her survival. Therefore Devon decided to spend time with her daughter and announced to put his career on hold.  But the Bengals executives assigned him to the practice squad and Devon would receive $6300 as weekly pay as team’s health insurance.

In his speech Devon Still thanked her daughter for molding him into a man that he is today. Devon Still also told that he wanted to show her so much about life instead in the last five years she had taught him more about life that he could ever teach her. Leah, who is just 5 years of age was not able to attend the ceremony as she was resting at her home. A prerecorded video of her daughter was also introduced in which she was sorry for not coming to the ceremony and she thanked everyone for supporting her while she was dealing with cancer. ESPN’s co-executive producer Maura Mandtl said that the award is a testament to the inspiration Devon and Leah are with all the families who are suffering from similar circumstances. He also added that it is their hope that this award can send them more strength as they face this latest challenge. Also Read – Chile Wins Copa America 2015 

Devon Still and Leah

Devon Still and Leah

Life and death are in the hands of the God, we as human beings can only hope for the best and must be prepared for the worst. We don’t have control over even on our single breath. What will happen in the next second we cannot predict? As a human being we should never lose hope and be optimistic and fight ball the problems that we face with all our courage. Devon and her daughter have already shown their immense courage and strength with which they are fighting against this tough situation in their life. They are the live examples for those people who are facing situations like they are in. All those people should also not give up and stay strong. As a human being we should also support those people who are facing such problems in their life as our support and help not only gives them emotional support, but also gives them strength to face the circumstances and help them to gain victory over them.Whenever a person is in a tough situation he should remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr. which are ” We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope”.

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