Convicted For Virtual Love For The Social Media – How Addicted Are You?

by Giz TimesJune 23, 2015

Convicted for virtual love –how addicted are you?

6:00 am: Snooze alarm.

6:15 am: Turn of the alarm on your smartphone.

6:15 am to 6:30 am: Check for unattended WhatsApp messages

6:30 am to 6:45 am: Check for Facebook updates and count likes.

6:45 am to 7:00 am: Check tweets, maybe send a good morning snap chat and finally get out of bed.

If this is your daily schedule do read further.

The idea that the entire universe is a holocaust, just a stage where we enact our roles, got me thinking. In this world of ephemeral relations and unreal connections haven’t we already reach the stage where we can be blamed for the extinction of a real and independent being? Words put simply when we can’t seem to understand is that the first hand addiction and anxiety levels that we face due to extreme obsession to social media and the virtual world are of our own creation.

Demons live within us and with that should come the knowledge that whatever it is that we are facing or would face is not above our endurance levels and hence can be controlled and treated. But why is that harmful? Addiction to social media as many of you would argue is healthier than addiction to alcohol, drugs or the likes of BDSM and Stockholm syndrome. But is it?

Man is a social animal, a fact known and reversed every single day. Yes, we live in a society. Yes, we need to have social interactions, maintain relations and work together to protect our existence. But does all this become an excuse for the increasing time we spend in a virtual world, an enigma that resides in every mind. Is it worth it? How do you ever know whether the time spent on your Facebook account, your tweets, your countless snap-chats are worth the main purpose of your life? Does your entire existence revolve around updates of insignificant details of your life on social networking sites? Is the vengeance that you think you will receive after displaying your employment, marriage, financial status on social media give you a sense of great accomplishment ?

We need not tell you the answers because that’s what the entire virtual make believe world has served us on a platter. They detest their own existence and yet the use the very same medium which they detest. So how is this any different?

There is no denying the fact that addiction to a thing, a person or the virtual world resides in the elementary nature of being human just like love, envy or greed. And yet we let this rule us?

Matter over mind quite literally.

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