Comparing Perfection : iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S

by Chandril SharmaSeptember 14, 2015

Apple claims to have changed everything with the ‘Only thing that’s changed is everything’ tag line of the new iPhone 6S. That mesmerizingly beautiful metallic body now comes in aerospace grade 7000 series aluminium alloy & a host of futuristic features in the new avatar.

Apple made the world privy to the pleasures of using Multi-Touch with the iPhone 6. The new iPhone 6S, equipped with 3D Touch is even more sensitive and at a single touch will let you do a whole plethora of things. The exciting new Taptic Engine, provides you real time feedback through the medium of subtle taps.

The 8MP iSight camera has been upgraded to a 12 MP one and the brand new Live Photos feature offers a completely new experience. It captures the immediate preceding and succeeding moments of the picture as well and allows you to preview them with a delicate touch of your finger. The new 6S comes with better than ever local tone mapping and noise reduction. Also Read – LG G5

Comparing Perfection : iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S

Comparing Perfection : iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S

The 6S version is powered by the new A9 chipset and an embedded M9 motion co-processor as opposed to the A8 chipset and M8 motion co-processor featured in the iPhone. The company claims that the new chipset offers 70% faster CPU and 90% faster GPU performance while indulging in all those addictive graphic intensive games.

The fingertip sensor has gotten faster, better and sharper offering even better security and privacy. Apple has packed support for ultra fast wireless technologies enabling you to connect to high speed networks all over the world.

The 6S is available in 3 variants – 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB which gives users a wide range to choose from according to their memory needs. The LED backlit screen offers brilliant display as always. In addition to the trademark space grey, gold and silver, Apple has introduced a new attractive rose gold colour. There are subtle changes in the size as well with the new iPhone 6S having gained 14 grams over its predecessor. Must Read – iPhone 7 Specs

Profound technological innovation and elegance at every level is expected from Apple, something which they have been successfully doing since years and have once again achieved with the new iPhone 6S.

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