Christopher Lee – The Legendary Actor Dies At 93

by Giz TimesJune 12, 2015


The British screen legend known best for his roles in THE LORD OF THE RINGS , STAR WARS and DRACULA Christopher Lee passes away at the age of 93. He was taken to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, on Sunday after being treated for respiratory problems. It was reported that he underwent a heart failure.

Sir Christopher Lee

Sir Christopher Lee


His wife Birgit Kroencke decided to delay the news to first inform close family and friends. It was just more than a month ago he celebrated his 93rd Birthday at the hospital with his wife, they were married for long 50 years.  His demise cost the world with a hardworking legend who did almost 250 films. He is being remembered by people all across the world ,mourned by politicians , actors and artists.

Christopher Lee died, leaving behind a long career and giving the world some of the best nefarious characters on screen. His brilliant contribution to the gory gothic cinema in “ HAMMER HORROR” movies gained utter popularity and appreciation. He was the best known Dracula, he was the bad guy of his times and to him  “ the bad guy was frequently more interesting than the good guy.”

His career definitely took a flight with roles in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy and the prequels of’ Star Wars’. He appeared in many more popular movies like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’,’Sleepy Hallow’ and ‘Jinnah’.

Apart from his Acting career Lee was into metal music, he stated that one of his greatest regrets was not becoming an Opera singer,he thought he was “born with the gift of a very good voice”.Late in life he followed his passion and finally in 2010 he released an album of his own, Charlemagne. A man of multiple talents, he became Sir Christopher  Lee in October 2009, he was knighted by receiving the honor from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.


Twitter is filled with remorse, remembering the legend:


Elijah Wood


@MarkOrdesky if anyone was going to be immortal, it was Christopher. Indeed, we were blessed.


David Cameron


I’m saddened by the deaths of Sir Christopher Lee and Ron Moody. Both starred in films that are treasured by millions.


Sir Roger Moore


It’s terribly when you lose an old friend, and Christopher Lee was one of my oldest. We first met in 1948.


Bryan Adams


What a sad day for the world to lose this incredible actor and human being. Christopher Lee,


Metal Hammer


RIP Sir Christopher Lee. You were a god amongst mortals.


Paul McLoone


Ah, sad news. Farewell, Lord Summerisle.Christopher Lee R.I.P.


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