What Is Chris Martin Doing In India?

by Mrinal VermaJuly 4, 2015

If we had a million guesses, none of us could have guessed that Chris Martin, out of the blue, will make an appearance at Summer House café in Hauz Khas and sing an acoustic and drive the entire world crazy. On July 2, 2015 the youngsters in India were typing away at their laptops or mobile phones, enjoying life, and trying their best not to wake up their parents, because who wants to be yelled at around 1 in the morning? But their screams and cries woke everyone up as soon as they heard the news about Chris Martin, Frieda Pinto, Vishal Dadlani, and All India Bakchod (AIB).

Within a few minutes, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were more alive than ever, with thousands of people voicing their disappointment about missing Martin and his performance. According to the sources, the gig was not at all planned; it was just a normal visit by the group of celebrities to a café for some dinner on Wednesday night. It was Martin who decided to grab the guitar and do an impromptu performance for the customers of the restaurant.

Since then a lot of buzz has been created around him, and when fans recovered for their tears, the question was raised: What is he doing in Delhi in the first place? No, he is not planning to do a concert here with his band (a bummer for all of us), and neither is he here on a vacation.

The actual reason for this visit by Martin and Pinto is global non-profit organization, Global Citizen, and their new project, The Global Poverty Project. The two celebrities are in town to support and promote the project which aims to exterminate poverty worldwide by 2030. Martin and Pinto, as the brand ambassadors of the NGO and the project, visited many houses and people throughout the country who have been suffering for far too long and now the project is looking into new ways to tackle the problem.

Even though in the starting rumours about him and his band, Coldplay, playing at a music festival in India were flying around and connected to his visit to the capital but his actual intentions for the visit were made clear later.

We can only commend Martin and Pinto and the whole team on the work they are doing, and hope they are successful!

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