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July 18, 2015

Reply Of BJP On Rahul’s Comment On Narendra Modi Regarding Vyapam Scam


Rahul Gandhi’s Comment On Narendra Modi Regarding Vyapam Scam finally provoked BJP to reply back to his criticism.  Rahul Gandhi in a meeting in which he was addressing the party workers in Jaipur said that Land Acquisition Bill will not be passed in the Parliament and Congress will not let BJP acquire even a square inch of land. He added that Modi’s 56 inch chest will become 5.6 inch. To this BJP replied that Rahul Gandhi has to “grow out of diapers”. Vishwa Hindu Parishsad (VHP) criticized Rahul Gandhi for using such intemperate language against the Prime Minister.

In his speech Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi also criticized Prime Minister NArendra [...]

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July 9, 2015

India’s National Anthem – Written To Praise The Britishers ?

India’s National Anthem ‘Jan-Gan-Man’ – almost every citizen of our country knows about it, whether it be a child or any elderly person. Also, many of us have learnt it from our childhood in our schools. But the number of people who actually know the meaning of the words that are used in the national anthem. Their could be only 1 out of 100 who will be able to give this answer. In his recent tweet Tagatha Roy, Governor of Tripura said that it has been 67 years since independence and why should we Adhinaya be the British and he don’t think that it is right to make any change in the national anthem. On the other hand Kalyan Singh the Governor of Rajasthan said that the word [...]

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July 7, 2015

AAP Criticized For Spending Rs. 526 Crore on Publicity. Kejriwal Ji, Being Good is Not So Good!

AAP Criticized For Spending Rs. 526 Crore on Publicity. Kejriwal Ji, Being Good is Not So Good!

Today in this high tech world, it is very important for a political party to advertise and do publicity of all their achievements and the work that they have done and will be doing in the coming future. There are various means by which a party can do it like that of Twitter, Facebook,  news channels, through posters and hoardings and one of the most important means is of radio.

Rs.526 crore is the amount of money which is being spent by the AAP for the publicity of all the work it has done in the past. It is a much larger amount as compared the amount of Rs. 23 crore which [...]

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July 4, 2015

BJP: A Symbol Of Good Governance Or Wearing The Mask Of Nationalism ?


Should Prime Minister Narendra Modi apologize for the communal violence of Gujarat in 2002? IS BJP wearing a “mask of nationalism”? Was the BJP government unsuccessful to eliminate terrorism and had ‘soft’ approach against it? These were some the questions which were raised after a recent interview of A.S. Dulat, former chief of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) to a news channel.

Mr. Dulat was the one who headed the spy agency till 2000 before he was appointed as a special adviser in Vajpayee’s PMO on Kashmir issue. In his interview he said that the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had expressed his discontent over the 2002 Gujarat riots and called it [...]

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