Catch Leonardo DiCaprio amidst the wilderness in THE REVENANT

by Sanya VermaJuly 20, 2015

Be prepared to witness a bunch of battles, fights and a survival story with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in the middle of wilderness, this December. The Academy award winning director Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman), captures a cinematic experience of an epic adventure in the upcoming film: THE REVENANT. Catch Leonardo DiCaprio amidst the wilderness in THE

The film is a revenge drama set in American wilderness of the 1860s. The expedition is dangerous and adventurous and the explorers are constantly challenged by new difficulties. They are innumerably tested by animals, the wild land and weather, native tribes and co-humans. Iñárritu reunited with his Birdman cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki for this film too. Recall your experience with the film gravity. If these two are together again, now with Dicaprio, something big is expected and we can hardly wait to have it from them.

The trailer of the movie is out and seems very promising. The Revenant is based on true events. DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass, a hunter who is left to die by his traitorous teammate Tom Hardy, played by John Fitzgerald. Glass has to survive all odds, fight the warring tribes, and face the hostile environment to fulfill his one vow, to revenge Fitzgerald. It is a relentless quest of survival, a story of human spirit and vengeance. It is a story that stands solid to the genuine strict significance of ‘Revenant’, which implies a man who has returned, particularly evidently from the dead, similar to what Glass really did.

The Revanant

The Revanant

The film will show beautiful scenery as is shot entirely in natural light in remote locations. Nature is beautiful but can be brutal and this is captured in the film. The film has huge names appended to it and every one of them has endeavored to create an exceptional piece. Dicaprio was seen in full beard for months to be able to pull off the role convincingly. This film has high stakes and this is going to be exciting.

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So, brace yourself to witness the wilderness as The Revenant comes to theaters on December 25.

Check out the THE REVENANT Trailer, right here:


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