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Can the future of technology be predicted?

by Gaurav SunejaJuly 31, 2015

In this highly technologically advanced world, every day new technology is replacing the previous one. If we have a phone today, having certain features that we think is great, but it will surely be replaced by another one within some days. The speed at which the changes that are happening is unimaginable. Hence, it is very difficult to predict the future of technology. All this is happening because the needs and the demands of the people are rising day by day and in order to fulfill it and to earn more money there is always competition between the companies to fulfill the needs of the people by providing them exceptional stuffs to make their lives much easier.

This competition is not only in the field of mobile phones, but in each every goods and services. Earlier we have to go to market for shopping but we could just open PCs and start browsing through websites like: – Flipkart, Amazon etc. to buy the products that we need. Here we get a lot of options and large discounts and hence they are better in many ways. It was in the year 2001 when the first iPod was released it was a surprise for all the people and it opened new doors for new inventions.

Also, on the launch of iPhone when Steve Jobs showed its features to the people, the whole audience who was watching the event were shocked with its feature such that unlocking of phone by swiping and many other features like that. Today’s young generation who was not even born at that time may also seem as insane to them that one had to plug the iPod to a computer in order to transfer MP3 files. Also Read: Will 4G Speed up our life ? 

Can the future of technology be predicted?

Can the future of technology be predicted?

Now, almost every kid knows how to use a smartphone. The user interface of smartphones has been so user friendly that even a kid can learn  to use it within days. All these discoveries on one hand had made our lives much more comfortable, but to some extent it has also made us lazy and it has many more limitations with it.

The younger generation is so much attached to mobile phones that they have forgot to participate in any physical activity and are happy to play games on phones. All these have led to many diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. in children. Also, people now connect to people on many social networking sites with whom they have never met and not spend time with their family and other relatives with whom they have grown up.

It is very important that we should use technology for our use and not become its slave and do not allow it to control our life. Hence, there should be optimal and correct use of science and technology as it gives comfort when used in the correct manner but it can also destroy if not used properly.

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