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Bluboo X500 Price, Specs, Release Date And News

by Giz TimesMay 30, 2015

Bluboo X500 Price, Specs, Release Date And News

Bluboo are going to leader domain with the Bluboo X500 Dragon. Somebody at Bluboo pivoted toward the begin of 2015 and said “no more” to bland gadgets, and settled on the choice to turn the fortunes of the organization round with some all around planned smart phones equipped for disturbing other smart phone market.

Smartphones we have seen from Bluboo so far are the C100, a $99 phone with Android 5.1, LTE, 2GB RAM and HD show, and the Bluboo X550 with 5m300mAh battery, Android 5.1 OS and 2GB RAM. With the passage level and mid-reach bases secured the time it now, time to handle the leader end of the business sector.

The Bluboo X500 “Winged serpent” will be Bluboo’s top of the reach phone for 2015. These pictures are the first run through the phone has been demonstrated to people in general and were sent to us from Bluboo alongside a couple particular highlights.

Bluboo X500 Coming In Two Variants

Bluboo have plan to launch 2 models of the X500. Both phones will have the same 5-inch show and Mediatek Helio X10 chipset with the main contrasts (in this way) being the decision of either 3GB or 4GB RAM.

Those specs would make it a standout amongst the most effective Chinese Mediatek telephones available with 5-inch show, a presentation measure regularly disregarded by producers of lead Smart phones.

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