BJP: A Symbol Of Good Governance Or Wearing The Mask Of Nationalism ?

by Gaurav SunejaJuly 4, 2015


Should Prime Minister Narendra Modi apologize for the communal violence of Gujarat in 2002? IS BJP wearing a “mask of nationalism”? Was the BJP government unsuccessful to eliminate terrorism and had ‘soft’ approach against it? These were some the questions which were raised after a recent interview of A.S. Dulat, former chief of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) to a news channel.

Mr. Dulat was the one who headed the spy agency till 2000 before he was appointed as a special adviser in Vajpayee’s PMO on Kashmir issue. In his interview he said that the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had expressed his discontent over the 2002 Gujarat riots and called it their mistake. The Congress on Friday raked up the post-Godhra riots issue against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, latching onto the claims by A.S. Dulat to demand that Mr. Modi apologize for the communal violence in 2002 when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. The Congress spokesperson Ajoy Kumar said that it was Vajpayee  who reminded “chief minister” Narendra Modi to follow ‘Raj Dharma’. He also asked that will Narendra Modi respect the words of the Bharat Ratna and apologize to the country for the incident that happened in 2002.  To this BJP replied that Congress does not have any other issue to defame the present government and they are raising useless issues. They also added that every court had investigated Mr. Modi’s role and had not found anything against him for which he should apologize. BJP’s national spokesperson M.J.Akbar said that Congress should apologize for raising questions about his integrity.

Apart from this Congress party also questioned BJP’s commitment to fight against terrorism and alleged it was wearing a ”mask of nationalism”. Citing certain claims by Mr. Dulat including on the “goof up” in the IC-814 hijack in 1999, he accused the ruling party of always compromising with terrorists and terrorism. They also added that it shows pseudo-nationalism of the BJP. The release if three dreaded terrorists to save the life of the passengers of the hijacked plane showed the soft corner of BJP against terrorism. The Congress spokesperson said that Dulat, who was a member of the crisis management group that handled the hijack incident, believed that it failed miserably. The BJP also out rightly rejected Mr. Dulat’s claims about the alleged “goof up” of the IC-814 hijacking case in 1999. It also rebutted claims of the ruling party compromising with terrorists and terrorism. They also said that they didn’t have any other option than to release the terrorist to save the of passengers as their life was much more important than any other thing. The BJP National Secretary Shrikant Sharma also accused the Congress of raking up “dead issues” for its political survival and charged the opposition party with allowing Warren Andersen, who was responsible for thousands of deaths in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, to escape scot-free.

We cannot conclude anything that who is right and who is wrong. We can only hope that any such incidents like the riot of 2002 and that of plane hijack should not take place in the near future. Also, the ruling party and the opposition parties should work together in peace and harmony for the development of the country instead of playing the blame game.

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