Bihar Elections: Can Anyone Predict The Results?

by Gaurav SunejaAugust 1, 2015

After loosing the Delhi election and winning only four seats in those elections, the BJP wants to bring a change this time and let the pendulum swing to their benifit. Bihar Elections are gaining attention and if or not we can predict some logical results can be debated.

The Bihar elections on 243 seats of Bihar will surely prove to be a tough competition between the NDA and the Janata Parivar. Moreover, underestimating the Congress Party will also be not correct. But, majorly the main competition is between the Janata Parivaar’s chief ministerial candidate Nitish Kumar and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The war of words between the two above mentioned people have always been there, but during the election time it has been taken to another level. Both parties do not leave a single chance to criticize one another.

All the parties are trying to attract different castes and all such things may lead to division of a  nation on the basis of caste and status. Hence, it  is not a good way to fight elections. One should fight elections taking development and welfare of the people as the base during the elections. Instead of discrimination one should try to unite people from different ways of life together.

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Bihar Elections

Bihar Elections

Also the duo of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav may give a tough competition  to BJP. The BJP has not yet announced its chief ministerial candidate. JDU has brought its report card to show its achievements, similarly BJP has also brought a report card to show the shortcomings of the ruling party. The recent rally of Narendra Modi in Muzaffarpur has risen some hopes in the party as a huge crowd came there to attend the rally. After the success of the first one, the party has decided to plan 4 more rallies of Narendra Modi in Bihar in Gaya on August 9, Saharsa on August 19 and in Bhagalpur on August 30 as they do not want any stone unturned during this election and  want to to fight the elections with full power.  In the last Lok Sabha elections NDA won 31 seats in Bihar out of which 28 seats that it won came majorly from 2 regions which are Muzaffarpur and Gaya. It won 18 seats in North Bihar and 10 from south-central Bihar.

It is very difficult to predict anything from the pre-polls that many news channels are showing. As the victory margin of AAP was unpredictable and even the party’s own survey has not shown any results like that. But the results of some recent elections like that of Lok Sabh, Delhi, Maharashtra and Haryana has shown that people now want stable government and hence now party are getting the majority so that they do not have to make any coalition government and they take decisions independently.

No one knows what will be the result of this interesting contest, but one can surely say that it will be as interesting as the campaign which different parties are carrying out.

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