Ben Affleck’s Batman

by Mrinal VermaSeptember 18, 2015

Everybody remembers the reaction of the Internet when Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman. He was not welcomed gracefully, to say the least. Fans all over the world were not happy with the casting as they weren’t sure if Affleck would be able to do justice to the role. But since then, a lot has been revealed by DC and fans are started to appreciate the actor and are becoming excited about the new movie.

The opinions about him changed when DC introduced his Batman standing next to the Batmobile. Even though it was just one picture, it could be deduced that DC truly were aiming on the whole story from a different angle. They want to make the superhero of Gotham an even darker, rustier character. It is no surprise that DC wants to make the movie dark. They are, after all, known for their gloomy portraits, especially when compared to Marvel.

After the first look, Affleck’s Batman has been compared to the original Batman in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. The director of the movie Zack Synder was very happy with the comparison as he confessed his love for the original graphic novels in an interview. He even said that the comics may not be the direct source of adaptation for the movie but he wants it to be loosely based on the same core. He revealed that he kept the comics in mind when he and David S. Goyer were working.

Ben Affleck's Batman

Ben Affleck’s Batman

The influence of the comic was even clearer and more relevant when the trailer was released. The movie Batman v Superman is based in a Gotham city which is facing its disaster. Bruce Wayne has retired his role as the Batman and is now ten years retired. When the movie starts, it is seen that he is struggling to adapt to his old lifestyle and become the hero the city needs.

“Batman’s on the verge of being swallowed up by the anger and the rage that we see haunt this character in the other manifestations of it. But this guy is further down the line and has become more embittered and cynical,” said Affleck.

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