Back to the Future Reunion

by Mrinal VermaJuly 21, 2015

Back to the Future has and always will have a special place in our heart, and no one and nothing can change that. We grew up watching those movies and to see the cast in the present day makes us feel so old as it notifies us of the time that has gone by and how we have grown up. Especially this year, since 2015 was the year in which Marty McFly landed when he travelled in the future to save his son from ruining his life.

During the recent on-going London Comic Con, the team of Back to the Future series was invited to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Yes, it really has been that long. Yes, we are crying, too. But the function served as a cast reunion who has not been seen publicly together for a very long period of time. Chirstopher Lloyd, Claudia Wells, Lea Thompson, and of course, Michael J. Fox were some of the members of the cast present for the function and interview. Fox could not stop gushing over his co-worker Lloyd, calling him a genius and a delight to work with.

Back To The Future reunion

Back To The Future reunion

“You’re the most genuine people I’ve met,” said Fox.

He also got emotional over the support fans have provided the series and the cast since the movies came out till now. He reminisced about the past to the audience, recalling the days of the shoot and what effect the movies had on him. He revealed that before the series, he has been working as an actor but was not completely satisfied with it and was planning to pick another career, like working on the fish dock or becoming a military man like his father. But thankfully, he donned on the role of Marty and it prevented him from abandoning the field by uplifting his career. He confessed that he was overwhelmed by the whole experience he went through but is still extremely happy that it had happened.

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A new complete Blue-ray set of Back to the Future series will be released on October 20. It is said to have everything related to the series: three movies, animated series, bonus disc, book, and flux capacitor packaging.

The events were also organized to raise money for Up To 88 charity programme by The Michael J. Fox Foundation which is in the aid of Parkinson’s research. The number 88 was especially chosen as it holds some special emotion value to the fans, which connects them to the series.

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