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Apple WWDC – OS X EL CAPITAN, All that you need to know!

by Giz TimesJune 8, 2015

Apple WWDC – OS X EL CAPITAN, All that you need to know!

The new name for OS 10 is OS X El Capitan, The El Capitan is available to all the developers from today itself. The El Capitan is better in usage and smarter in its ways.

The basic features of the same are:

  • Easy and detailed search. You can write :” Mails that were ignore by me from Mr. X” and you will get exactly what you want to see.
  • Ability to work on two windows side by side and keeping them on the desktop
  • El Capitan makes all kinds of things run faster — like accessing email, opening apps, or switching between them.
  • With El Capitain, Split View automatically positions two apps side by side, using every pixel of your Mac display.
  • The enhanced full-screen view in Mail lets you add tabs to a New Message window.
  • The Speed is faster. You can now download the pdf files and other files at 4 times faster rate.
  • Spotlight now searches more places for even more useful results, including weather and sports scores.

Clearly El Capitan will help open a lot many windows, will manage things better and has got more brain to suit us. Apple has done a great job in it.

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