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Apple iPhone 6S Price Worldwide Confirmed

by Giz TimesJune 11, 2015

iPhone 6S Price 2015

Apple’s upcoming smartphone iPhone 6s, will get launch this September 2015 with massive improvements. Rumors are also on high about predictions whether Apple would launch iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s with Plus variant or both of them. What will be the Apples iPhone 6s Price is what iPhone fans are looking out for, and today we will provide you idea about it.

Apple iPhone 6S Price Worldwide :

IPHONE 6S Price in India – 60,000 INR

IPHONE 6 S Price in USA – $950 USD

AppleIPHONE 6S Price in UK – £595 British Pound Sterling

IPHONE 6 S Price in Canada 1070 Canadian Dollar

Apple IPHONE6S Price in China – 5807.07 Chinese Yuan

IPHONE 6 S Price in Bangladesh – 73558.50 Bangladeshi Taka

Apple IPHONE6S Price in Australia – 1079.67 Australian Dollar

IPHONE6S Price in Nepal – 95000.00 Nepalese Rupee

Apple IPHONE6S Price in Sweden – 7024.22 Swedish Krona

IPHONE6S Price in Indonesia – 11480750.00 Indonesian Rupiah

IPHONE6S Price in Japan – 106699.25 Japanese Yen

IPHONE 6 S Price in Qatar – 3459.33 Qatari Rial

IPHONE 6 S Price in South Korea – 1019986.50 South Korean Won

IPHONE6S Price in Austria – 758.54 Euro

IPHONE6S Price in Sri Lanka – 124236.25 Sri Lankan Rupee

IPHONE 6S Price in Russia – 40876.89 Russian Ruble

IPHONE6S Price in Chile – 546649.00 Chilean Peso

Apple IPHONE6S Price in Mexico – 12803.62 Mexican Peso

IPHONE 6S Price in Hong Kong – 7367.20 Hong Kong Dollar

IPHONE 6S Price in Philippines – 42740.50 Philippine Peso

Apple IPHONE 6S Price in Mauritius – $950 USD

IPHONE 6S Price in Turkey – 2107.34 Turkish Lira

IPHONE 6 S Price in Ireland – 758 Euro

IPHONE 6S Price in Iraq – 1106161.00 Iraqi Dinar

IPHONE 6S Price in Israel – 3607.34 Israeli New Sheqel

IPHONE 6 S Price in Netherlands – 3564.02 Saudi Riyal

IPHONE 6 S price in Germany – 3564.02 Saudi Riyal

IPHONE 6 S price in Saudi Arabia – 3564.02 Saudi Riyal

IPHONE6S price in Norway – 6412.97 Norwegian Krone

IPHONE 6 S price in Europe – 758.54 Euro

IPHONE 6 S price in Singapore – 1222.03 Singapore Dollar

IPHONE 6 S price in Thailand – 30970.00 Thai Baht

IPHONE 6 S price in Belgium : 58.54 Euro

IPHONE 6 S price in Switzerland – 914.85 Swiss Franc

IPHONE 6 S Price in Denmark l 5646.70 Danish Krone

IPHONE 6 S Price in South Africa : 10484.49 South African Rand

AppleIPHONE 6S Price in Malaysia : 3124.79 Malaysian Ringgit.

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