American Horror Story: Hotel Has a New Cast – Caitlyn Jenner

by Mrinal VermaJuly 9, 2015

Day after day, the cast of the new season in the American Horror Story series gets more exciting and crisper. The fans can hardly wait for season five which is said to be starting its production from Monday, 13 July 2015. Ryan Murphy, the creator of the show, revealed the name of the next season, giving insights on how it will be based in a hotel. Murphy makes it a point to change the setting of the show every season, tying the story and characters around the location. From a haunted house, mental asylum, witch school, and a freak circus show, the show aims another new and uncommon place for the next season.

Even though the cast of the show has remained more or less the same for all the last seasons, many changes in the team can already be noticed for the new one. Murphy has included many big names this time, and the fans can hardly wait, not to mention all the new fans the big new celebrities are bringing. Murphy said in his interview that the new season will be “quite explosive”.

american horror story caitlyn jenner

american horror story caitlyn jenner

The show still carries around a cloud of doubt with it as everyone was upset after the news of the beloved Jessica Lange leaving the show hit the ground. In an interview with Deadline, Lange announced her departure and explained how her character was originally supposed to last only one season. It was assumed by many that the show has finally run out of its depth and won’t achieve any success in the future, but the new announcements has created a high buzz. Latest rumours say that Murphy has finally managed to bag Caitlyn Jenner to star in the show. He has always been a fan of hers and has been seen supporting her Vanity Fair cover issue. Although this rumour is yet to be accepted or denied by the official sources, the fans are already freaking out and coming up with their own theories about the show, where they could hardly dismiss the physical similarities between Lange and Jenner.

The show already has big enough names in its pouch with Lady Gaga (who will be doing her first acting gig), Matt Bomer, and Cheyenne Jackson. The show will also be seeing their old favourites Max Greenfield, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters.

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