American Horror Story: Hotel – Latest Updates And New Additions

by Mrinal VermaJuly 20, 2015

Eager to hear about the American Horror Story: Hotel – Latest Updates And New Additions ? Well, we all are ! American Horror Story never fails to surprise us, and especially not the upcoming fifth season which started its production on 13 July 2015. For months we have been hearing exciting names after exciting names of actors who have joined the newest instalment in the series. Ryan Murphy announced that the new season will be based in a hotel, giving us some insights on the actors and what the fans should be expecting. All these new information only makes us want to turn the clock and bring the season as close as we can to us.

Murphy, who makes it a point to change the setting every season and bring in new characters have obviously added a lot of new characters this time but with new actors playing them. The cast, which more or less always remains mainly the same, is seem to having a lot of changes this time. The newest confirmed addition to the team after the rumoured Caitlyn Jenner is Richard T. Jones. Jones, a 43 year old actor, is very well-known and has already made a name of himself by proving his skills in films like Godzilla, Hot Pursuit etc.

American Horror Story: Hotel - Latest Updates And New Additions

American Horror Story: Hotel – Latest Updates And New Additions

Reports say that he will be playing the role of Detective Hahn and will be appearing in about eight episodes in total. His character is a Los Angeles Police Homicide Detective, which gives us a really big clue for the plotline. The fans can expect to see a major murder or may be a mass murderer; these are only our deductions but it is clear that the plot may steer along these lines since a detective is needed.

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We are sad that we will not be seeing the fan-favourite Jessia Lange playing one of the lead characters, but still we hope that the new season is successful in reaching expectations. A lot of eyes are on it and Murphy seems to be working hard enough to make it a success.

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