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All about Apple Pay in WWDC 2015 Live!

by Giz TimesJune 9, 2015

ALL About Apple Pay in WWDC 2015 LIVE – Apple Pay going to the UK !


The most recent news from Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, including reports on Apple Music spilling administration, Apple Pay and iOS 9.

With iOS 9, you can include retail location cards, credit cards and prize cards to Apple Pay. Hold iPhone up to the peruser and Apple Pay consequently chooses the right reward card.



Apple Pay going to the UK one month from now with EIGHT of the most prevalent banks and 250,000 vendor areas including M&S, Boots, Costa, Waitrose, Subway and Nandos. You can even utilize it on the transport and buses. What a Win!

Apple Pay will be acknowledged at more than 1 million areas in the U.S. one month from now. That is four times the number at dispatch.

Apple Pay next – it’ll be propelling in the UK!

Lots more excitement about Apple Pay online. Ernest Doku, technology expert, says:

“ When the world’s biggest company wades into mobile payments, you know it’s going to be a game changer. Apple has the brand power to bring the ethereal concept of a mobile wallet into the mainstream. The support of some of the UK’s best known retailers, from Marks & Spencer to the Post Office, doesn’t hurt either. Much like iTunes revolutionized music, Apple Pay could become the de facto standard in payments, and not just for small transactions. Sophisticated security features – fingerprints to authorise payments and encrypted ID numbers instead of credit and debit card details – should alleviate fears that paying by mobile isn’t secure.

For now, one of Apple Pay’s biggest limitations is that it can only be used by owners of new Apple devices, such as the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch – the early adopters. For that reason we may have to wait years for Apple Pay-ready devices to percolate down the market into cheaper territory before the tech giant truly changes the way the UK pays. That said, contactless is already a mature and established payment method in the UK, so Apple may find that we’re a far more receptive audience than in the US, where the entry of Pay has had a relatively low impact.”

Clearly, the WWDC 2015 has given some really good news, especially to the people of UK. People will now be able to utilize Apple Pay in many more situations. Great job there, Apple!

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