Adele’s New Album Titled 25

by Mrinal VermaJuly 22, 2015

Adele’s New Album Titled 25 ready to turn the tables again! Adele’s new album can easily be one of the most anticipated works in the current music industry. Not only just fans, but everyone, including the critics and general public, have been waiting for it for so long. It doesn’t help that all we have had related to the album is just rumours for the past months. But the British producer, Naughty Boy recently revealed some new information about it.


The Sun interviewed Naughty Boy who has been in the news a lot lately, entirely because of his relationships with the band members of One Direction and the fan base. Many eyes were upon his interview since it was his first statement after Zayn Malik, 22, publicly called him out on Twitter. He used the interview to also discuss his future plans and talks about his collaboration with Emeli Sande. Revealing that Adele’s new album will be releasing in September, he clears that it was the reason that Sande’s album release date was pushed back. They did not want a clash with Adele since it was feared that she might overshadow Sande’s work. They ended up pushing her album’s release to 2016 to avoid any scene.

Adele's New Album Titled 25

Adele’s New Album Titled 25

“Adele’s album is coming in September and labels have cleared their schedules because they know it’s going to wipe the floor,” said Shahid (better known to everyone by his stage name Naughty Boy). “Emeli’s album is coming out next year now. It sounds amazing.”


Even after the interview was used as a confirmation about Adele’s album, there has been news going around which suggests that it, after all, might not even be coming out any time soon. Rumours advise that she is not planning to drop her third album, which is titled 25, until her second child is born and she has adjusted back into her schedule. She is finding her bliss in domestic life and wants a second child with her partner Simon Konecki. She wants her focus to be her family and says that if she steps into the music world again, her career will have to work secondary to her family and not vice versa.


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