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About Us – Getting The Information and Zeal


Have you got the zeal for Sports? The tech geek and biker inside you is passionate to explore more and practice his/her interests? Or are you into entertainment, politics and literature? From food to vroom, from technology to celebrities, from kicking the football to going crazy over a recent event, Giztimes is for all of you who want to get the information and zeal to further your passion and make it big.

Giztimes provide you with all you need to keep yourself updated. The abbreviation ‘Giz’ in Giztimes stands for “Getting the Information and Zeal” and that is the motto of Our website. Our duty is to make all the important news available and accessible to our users and visitors. You surely need to know About Us if you are using our site. Read About us , our aim , vision and plans , right here !

Our Objective

Giztimes aims at keeping it’s users well informed and aware about whatever is going around in the world. We provide you with the best of all the news and updates to keep you on your toes. With the myriad categories, we provide you with everything that suits your interest and taste. Whether you are an academician, a movie addict, a gadget-head, or simply a person who wants to keep himself/herself updated – Giztimes is the right place to be. Giztimes also intends in expanding it’s categories as it grows. We aim to enthuse the zeal in you so that giztimes becomes the platform where you can share your views , opinions and enter into discussions to widen your understanding and explore your passion.

Our Vision

Giztimes vision is clear – The Development of a universal platform of Information and Reactions where people are allowed to express their opinions freely and practice their passions through our site. Intending to ignite the zeal inside all our readers, Giztimes success lies in the success of its viewers.

How Are We Different?

The modern world is quite skeptic and intelligent. People like to keep themselves informed and everyone wants to remain up to date. The Intellectual youth of today not only runs fast with the changing world, but also wants a stage to learn more, analyze more, remain young and at the same time enjoy the knowledge. Sounds Tough?

Giztimes is raw and fierce, but at the same time mature. It is the site to visit if you want something additional to your basic information. If you run through the gamut of articles that we provide to you, you’ll realize that we intend to cover everything that suits your mood at a point in time. Some of our articles will be technical , some of them will be all informative and some will be just simply entertaining – But we differ from others for we will make you think and understand things in a better manner. That is how we ‘Mark the difference!’

What can you call yourself ?

Giztimers is the word for all of you out there. You can not only visit our website and keep yourself updated but also share, like and comment on our stories, enter into discussions with other people as well as the admins to broaden your own perspectives. We invite all of you to join us in making this site a better place and a better platform. You can Contact Us any time you feel like. We welcome your suggestions and opinions for they enthuse the public in particular and giztimes in general 🙂

Meet the Team

Our young and energetic team is our strength. The admins and Content writers for this site are educated and passionate for blogging and writing. The credit for the success of this website goes to all the Core team members and to all the Giztimers who read our articles and provide us with suggestions to improvise this place. We look for the crazy lambs who are not afraid to practice their interests on a platform like ours.

This is all about us ! So , Go crazy all you Giztimers. GET THE INFORMATION AND ZEAL ! 🙂