AAP Criticized For Spending Rs. 526 Crore on Publicity. Kejriwal Ji, Being Good is Not So Good!

by Gaurav SunejaJuly 7, 2015

AAP Criticized For Spending Rs. 526 Crore on Publicity. Kejriwal Ji, Being Good is Not So Good!

Today in this high tech world, it is very important for a political party to advertise and do publicity of all their achievements and the work that they have done and will be doing in the coming future. There are various means by which a party can do it like that of Twitter, Facebook,  news channels, through posters and hoardings and one of the most important means is of radio.

Rs.526 crore is the amount of money which is being spent by the AAP for the publicity of all the work it has done in the past. It is a much larger amount as compared the amount of Rs. 23 crore which was spent by the former Congress government in Delhi. The advertisement of Aam Admi Party focuses on its tagline of “jo kaha so kiya”. It is a way to connect with the people of the capital like our Prime Minister does through ‘Man ki Baat’. Vijendra Gupta, leader of opposition said that allocation of Rs.526.74 crore has been ear-marked for information and publicity, which is primarily for advertisements. As compared to this, Rs.338 crore has been earmarked for SC/ST/EWS welfare, Rs.350 crore for nutrition, Rs.208 crore for labour and employment and Rs.400 crore for development of ‘slum katras’. Such acts of government reveal its mind-set. Congress leaders also said that increasing the budget for advertisement 2019 per cent is not justified. It is just a waste of money by the Delhi government which is not correct as it is the money which the tax payers give them with a hope that government will definitely do something for their welfare.

This happened after the decision of Supreme Court according to which only pictures of the President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India are permitted for the purpose of advertisements, billboards or hoardings of government schemes. The former AAP leader and senior advocate Prashant Bhushan alleged that it was a contempt of court and that the issue would soon be brought to the notice of the Supreme Court. Moreover, Congress leader Ajay Maken on Thursday criticized the Delhi government’s decision to hike its publicity budget and called it an attempt to “purchase the media”.

However, the Delhi government’s spokesperson Nagendra Sharma said that it is the first time that the Delhi government had created a head for information and publicity department. So, it was clear that the government had voluntarily allowed itself to be audited. Also the Deputy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia dismissed the issue and said these are tactics to take the focus of the good work being done by the AAP government. A senior Delhi government official added, “Earlier, barring the autonomous bodies, different government departments used funds individually for dissemination of information and publicity by routing it through the publicity department. Now, they won’t be able to do so, as all those funds have been brought under one roof. Proper audit of funds used in publicity purpose will be done.”

Some of the people believe that instead of appreciating the effort of AAP to keep a transparency in the system, they are being criticized for the fact that they are using so much money on advertisement. On the other hand some believe that audit is of no use if any action is not taken. So, the Delhi government should also try to reduce their expenditure on advertisements and spend it on some other useful works.

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