A Video Footage Of Gurdaspur Terror Attack Show Terrorists With AK47

by Sanya VermaJuly 30, 2015

Terrorism has become one of the biggest challenges to overpower in the massively growing global world. Countries today promise peace and happy relations to each other,but its difficult to follow this pact at the cost of national honour. Peace assured just on papers do not help until people of the countries carry peace in their hearts.

Gurdaspur Terror attack unleashed massive terror in the country on this Monday.Terrorist barged into a police station in Gurdaspur district in Punjab,killing 7 people and wounding 10 during the attack. It poses a question on our vulnerable security status and failure of intelligence agencies,but nevertheless,it is moreover a threat for the lives of innocent common people.

A recent video of the Gurdaspur Terror Attack has been discovered which covers a footage showing the terrorist barging with their automatic weapons and killing people. The video was captured on a security camera at an intersection just before they came into the town, Dinangar. The video captures their attempt to snatch a tempo from a driver,but were unsuccessful.The men carried AK47’s and killed a dhaba owner during the attempt.

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Their next target was a man driving a Maruti who was shot by one of them and crashed into a wall with his car. Kamaljit Singh got shot in his shoulder and was thrown out of the car,which was used by the terrorists to escape. The men barged onto a police station and fired rigorously with their machine guns. A camera in the area caught people hiding in fear as they heard gunshots firing.

Gurdaspur Terror Attack

Gurdaspur Terror Attack

It was a suicide mission for the terrorists, and seems they were prepared for the same. The 12 hour fight between the forces and these men ended fatal for the terrorists, but they were successful in planting terror in the region. The supposedly Pakistani terrorists carried Chinese grenades and many Ak47 with them, but all the marks of identity of these weapons were already erased. It was noticed, that the private parts of these men were shaved to avoid chances of catching their identity, all we know is that one of them spoke in Punjabi,thus supposedly a Muslim.

All intelligent forces and high security officials are working into the case. Reportedly, eight live bombs have been defused today, which highlights the intensity of terror which was planned to execute. The police,security forces,government officials and ministers are working into the case,but such attacks cause innocent lives of civilians who are in no power to seek safety.

Terrorism is an evil which can eat away countries and millions of its subjects for reasons we will never know about.This evil needs to handled most carefully, especially, in a country like India where people try to live happily in a diverse nation-state.

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