7 Transgender Celebrities who were brave enough to come out

by Giz TimesJune 6, 2015

7 Celebrities who are Transgenders

 You didn’t just think that Caitlyn Jenner was the only famous celebrity transgender.

The show biz circle includes many more people who had the courage to choose the road for the biggest change in their lives. They have cash, notoriety, achievement and everything one craves to accomplish in life; however gender transformation made much more incomprehensible distinction in their satisfaction and fulfillment.

These are some renowned Celebs who have experienced the Gender change surgery and are carrying on with the life they longed for.


The MATRIX co-director Lana Wachowski turned into the 1st Hollywood transgender director who underwent the transformation in 2012. Wachowski said in an interview that he it was hard for him but he told his mother that, “I’m transgender. I’m a girl” and has lived as Lana ever since. For his part, brother Andy has said that Lana is “easier to work with” than Larry was.

Lana Wachowski Transgender

Lana Wachowski Transgender


 Thomas Beati , the female-to-male transgender who caused controversy in 2007 when               he became pregnant .He was then known as “the world’s first pregnant man.”  Beatie chose to become pregnant because his wife Nancy was infertile, doing so with cryogenic donated sperm. Beatie’s first pregnancy brought about an ectopic pregnancy with triplets, obliging crisis surgery and bringing about the loss of each of the three fetuses. Beatie has since given birth to three children.

THOMAS BETIE  Transgender

THOMAS BETIE Transgender


Janet Mock is an American writer, transgender rights activist, author and the former staff editor of People magazine’s website. Although she was born a male, Janet grew up with the belief that she is a girl and wanted to live a life of a girl. She underwent the surgery in 2011.

janet mock-transgender

Janet Mock-transgender


Laverne was born a male. She is the famous film and TV actress, best known for her portrait of Sophia Burset on the Netflix television series: Orange Is the New Black. While growing up, she was tormented for not acting like a boy. After sex change surgery, she was named as a standout amongst the most delightful ladies on the planet by people. She was once on the front of TIME magazine.


LAVERNE COX Transgender

LAVERNE COX Transgender


Isis King is a model and fashion designer who is most known for being on the 11th cycle of Tyra Banks’ “America’s Next Top Model” and was the first trans woman to compete on the show. It was in 2007, King underwent the gender transformation surgery.

Isis King Transgender

Isis King Transgender


Chaz Bono, the son of Cher and Sonny Bono, has been a gay rights activist since 2009 and turned out to be more included when he uncovered that he is a transgender man. Unfortunately, he had to go against his family for gender change. His mother was disappointed with the decision.

Chaz Bono Transgender

Chaz Bono Transgender


Alexis is a performer, musical artist and nightclub entertainer. She got prominence by her extraordinary execution in motion pictures like Pulp Friction, Killer Queens Rulers on Dope, She’s All That and Children of the Corn V. Her move from male to female was reported in the film, Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother.

“Coming out as transgender in America from a celebrity family is a lot easier than it can be for private individuals anywhere else in the world,” she told Entertainment Tonight in 2009.



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